How fast do planes fly? Top 3 fastest commercial and Fighter Aircrafts

how fast do planes fly

Anything flying high in the sky amazes us in some different form. From a bird to a human-made drone, all flying objects can get our attention very quickly. Aircraft aren’t any different from these objects either. However, one question which always crosses the human mind is, “how fast do planes fly?

Well, the question might sound a bit simple, but its answer isn’t that easy. Many factors decide the speed of an aircraft. Weather, speed of the wind, type of the plane, etc., are examples of those factors. Let’s break out the answer to this complicated yet straightforward question and see how fast the planes fly. 

How fast do planes fly?

Before we answer this question, it’s essential to know about the different types of aircraft. Remember that all planes are not the same. Thus, their flying speed varies according to their structure and stability. Any plane can be classified into three categories: 

  • Commercial Planes
  • Private Planes
  • Fighter Planes (Military Planes)

Let’s have a look at the speed of all these categories of planes during their flight, take-off, and landing.

How fast do commercial planes fly?

how fast do planes fly
Source: CNN

Commercial airplanes or ‘Airliner’ are the type of aircraft built and designed to transport daily passengers and cargo. Airbus A380 and Boeing 747-8 are some of their most common examples. These big commercial planes generally fly at the speed of 550-580 MPH. Now, we all know that take-off and landing speeds are different as well. Most of the commercial planes take off at the speed range of 160-170 MPH. The landing speed always depends on many factors such as weather and air conditions, but you can consider it to be around 150-160 MPH. 

How fast do private planes fly?

how fast do planes fly
Source: Forbes

Private planes or Business planes are made for the transportation of small groups of people. These planes often cruise at high altitudes and are much faster than commercial planes. Many private jets can fly comfortably at a speed of more than 650 MPH. Moreover, these planes are flexible to take-off or land at smaller airports as well. 

How fast do military planes fly?

how fast do planes fly
Source: The Motley Fool

We all know that there are so many military planes present globally, and all of them have different speeds to offer. However, on an average basis, these planes have an approximate flight speed of more than 1,060 MPH. Simultaneously, many fighter planes, such as the Sukhoi SU-27, have a blistering pace of 2,496 MPH. Thus, it’s a bit tough task to estimate the flight speed of military aircraft. 

In conclusion, we can easily see that there are so many different kinds of planes in today’s world, and their speed depends on their body, engines, and natural factors such as weather and air conditions. 

Other factors that decide the speed of aircraft

Various factors decide the speed of any aircraft during their take-off, climb, and landing. Some of these factors are as follows: 

  • Air Density: One natural factor determining the lift and rise of any aircraft is the Air Density. Low air density generally requires high take-off speed from planes. 
  • Wind: Another natural factor which decides the speed of planes is the wind. The direction and speed of the air can alter the speed and in-flight progress of any aircraft. 

3 Fastest Commercial Planes

If you think that these heavy-looking commercial planes can’t fly fast enough, then sadly, you’re wrong. There are so many commercial planes which can go quite fast if the situations are ideal. Let’s have a look at our three fastest commercial planes: 

Boeing 787 Dreamliner: 594 mph

The first on our list is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. This modern and efficient plane can reach a flight speed of 594 MPH. It’s one of the most common commercial aircraft, and more than 800 Boeing 787 Dreamliner are flying all over the world right now. 

Airbus A380: 675 mph

Indeed the cruising speed of the Airbus A380 is lower, but because of its maximum speed of 675 MPH, this plane is on our list. Even after its immense size, this commercial plane is relatively faster than many other aircraft. However, we might not be able to see them for too long as Airbus has decided to shut it down. 

Boom Overture: 1451 mph

Boom Overture, also known as ‘Baby Boom,’ is the future-inspired plane and supposed to become a supersonic flight. However, because this plane is still in the testing stages, you might not see it flying around until 2025.

3 Fastest Fighter Aircrafts

 Unlike our commercial airplanes, fighter planes are famous for their speed and range. The survival of any fighter jet depends on its speed in most cases. Aircraft engineers from every country are always trying to outperform each other as well. So, which ones are the fastest, and how fast do these planes can fly? Let’s have a look: 

Chengdu J-10: 1,687mph

This fighter jet is China’s one of the fastest fighter planes and has a top speed of 1,687mph to offer. Mostly known as the ‘Firebird,’ this multirole aircraft was first introduced in the year 2003. Initially, the purpose of this aircraft was to serve as a specialized military jet. However, after a few years, Chengdu J-10 was known as a multirole aircraft. 

MiG-25 Foxbat: 1,900mph

The MiG-25 is the second military aircraft on our last, with a top speed of 1,900mph. This Soviet-Union aircraft is known for its aerial combat abilities and is considered one of the deadliest aircraft in the military sector. Its flawless performance and extreme speed made it slightly better than planes such as F-4. 

MIG-31 Foxhound: 1,900mph

We know you might be thinking that it has the same top speed as MiG-25 Foxbat, then how’s this one better? Well, indeed, both of them have the same top speeds, but their max range is different. MiG-25 has a maximum range of 1,160mi, whereas MIG-31 has a full range of 1,900mi. This Russian fighter plane set the all-new record back in the year 1977 by reaching the height of 123,530 feet. 

Conclusion of How fast do planes fly

As we mentioned above, this question might seem easy, but its answer is quite complicated. Whether it’s a commercial or a fighter jet, an aircraft’s flight speed depends on various factors. The amount of weight they’re carrying, their body design, weather, and air conditions are some of those factors. In conclusion, we can easily say that fighter jets are more inclined towards speed rather commercial planes. One of main reasons is that their survival in any war depends on their speed and movement. Supersonic speed is the reason why aircrafts such as MiG-25 are one of the most dangerous fighter planes. 

Let us know what do you think about these aircraft, and do you think we’ll soon have supersonic commercial planes as well? We’d love to hear your ideas on these questions. 

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