How is Trust Created in the Presence of Animals?

How is Trust Created in the Presence of Animals?

Companion animals have been with people since time immemorial. They have provided company and comfort to people in need. The presence of animals enhances the meaning of trust among people. They get positive vibrations when they find animals near them. Pets help in strengthening relationships to greater heights. Further, they contribute positively to all the social communities.

Different Ways in Which Animals Can Show Trust

  1. Companion Animals Acting As Social Facilitators

Animals show the way people can start conversing with each other. For example, pet ownership can alone be a source of shared interest among other people. Further, walking your dog on the street can make you interact with other dog lovers.

This, in turn, works towards creating trust between people. Researchers have proven that people are more likely to help others with animals. Animals confer perceptions and trust in other beings. For children even, pets are such a source of happiness and fun. ( Teenagers have high levels of attachment to increase their higher levels of social skills.

  1. Social Capital Associated With Pets

The social concept is associated with broader communities and relationships. Trust in these connections leads to healthy and happy well-being. As a result, pet owners have high levels of social capital in their communities.

Pets also significantly contribute to social capital. Neighbors love to rely on people with pets. Pet owners also share gardens and restaurants with other pet owners. This, in turn, provides social relationships.

How Can You Build Trust with Your Dog?

If your dog trust you, that is the most effective form of love you can get. If there is anything you can do to make them feel safe, you should do it. You can buy invisible dog fences for your little ones. You can give them proper training and help them enjoy a healthy life. Some reasons why dogs can have trust issues are:

  1. If the dogs have not socialized enough when a puppy is, then it will be hard for them when they grow up.
  2. If there is any history of abuse or emotional turmoil, it will affect them significantly.
  3. Some genetics in dogs make them fearful. If there has been a recent adoption, it might take some time for the dogs to get attached fully.

Ways in Which You Can Build Trust With Your Dogs

Building trust takes time and patience, but it is always worth it. But, of course, it depends on different dog situations.

  1. Teach Them the Sign Language

A dog is happy only when relaxed and knows what he wants. He wags his tail and even holds his head high. A fearful dog will have a tense body. You should be able to make out what they are trying to tell from their emotions.

Try to notice any signs of fear or anger. For example, they might be itching or standing stiff. If your dog shows relatively high signs of anxiety, fix an appointment with the doctor immediately.

  1. Approaching Dogs at Their Level

If you are towering over the dogs, they feel fearful. Sit down or squat in front of them to make them comfortable. Maintain a distance between you and your dog. Try to understand them and then move forward.

  1. Try Observing the Dog

Count to three while you are petting the dog. Then stop and see if they allow you to pet them again or not. If they stiff or move about, then give them their space. This will show your dog that you trust him.


Be consistent with your dog. Try to learn what they are trying to say. Pets are a good presence around people. So give them what they need. Please feel free to share your insights or own experiences with us below in the comment section.

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