How Old Is Dolores in Encanto

How Old Is Dolores in Encanto

If you’re wondering how old is Dolores in Encanto, you’re not alone. You may have heard of her, but did you know her siblings are also under five feet? Luckily, the answer is pretty simple: the three sisters are all in their early twenties.

Dolores Madrigal

Dolores’ cousin, Mirabel, asks her about Bruno’s vision and is horrified to see it. Mirabel runs away to hide the vision from the others, but Dolores hears her and rushes to a nearby bar. Dolores tells Mirabel to ignore it, but it doesn’t stop her from being suspicious. After all, she was the one who ruined her proposal dinner!

Dolores Madrigal

Dolores, the second grandchild of the Madrigal family, is a quiet little girl with advanced hearing. She is shy and doesn’t speak much. She wears a red dress with a frilly yellow and white top with a gold sound wave motif. She also wears matching earrings and a red choker necklace.

Dolores’ closeness to her family is evident throughout the story. She is protective of her younger brothers but does not seem bothered by the antics of her older brother, Camilo. Likewise, she obeys Alma without hesitation when she instructs her. However, when Casita collapses, she takes care of her ailing Abuela by sitting on debris to calm her. (Sildenafil)

Dolores Madrigal’s age and abilities in Disney’s Encanto are also emphasized. She is also responsible for the candle losing its magic.

Isabella Madrigal

Dolores is the older cousin of Mirabel in the Disney movie Encanto. She’s younger than her cousin but still loves and admires Mariano. Dolores has exceptional hearing, so she has the ability to hear when Bruno is nearby. But she never told anyone about it. Eventually, Dolores confesses her love for Mariano, but it’s not clear if she’ll stay with him.

Dolores’s younger brother, Camilo, has a similar personality to Dolores, but he’s more reserved than his sister. He’s a theater kid who loves to entertain.

Dolores’ sister, Alma, is a witch. She has a magical ability, but it’s uncertain how old she is. Her mother died five decades ago, so Dolores assumes she’s the same age as her mother. The age of the other children is unknown in the film, but Jared said she’s 26 years old. So it is possible that Isabella is also the same age as Dolores.

The relationship between Isabella and Dolores is different. Isabella is more mature and sweet-spoken. Dolores’ gift requires a higher level of responsibility. She has super hearing, and she always knows what’s going on in the community. Her brother Bruno is the opposite of her. Both sisters have different powers, but Dolores’ powers are more powerful.

Luisa Madrigal

In the film, the young Dolores is raised by her mother and sister, who are both adopted. When she learns about her mother’s mysterious past, she begins to feel guilty about leaving her. Fortunately, her parents realize that the child they adopted is their daughter and give her a gift of telepathy. The gift of telepathy, which she uses to help other children, can change the course of a person’s life.

Dolores is the eldest granddaughter of Agustin and Julieta. She is often pressured to be perfect and has always felt inadequate. At the end of the film, she finds the strength to accept her real self. Luisa, the village’s resident runner, is physically fit and able to adjust houses and lift bridges.

Luisa Madrigal is how old in Encanto? Dolores’ age is never revealed, but we can assume that she’s a teenager. Luisa Madrigal has appeared in other films before, including Marvel’s Runaways, Teen Wolf, and American Horror Stories. She also acted alongside Ben Affleck in a movie called The Tender Bar.

The Encanto film was critically acclaimed when it came out and has received praise for its characterization, voice acting, and cultural fidelity. It has won several awards for its best-animated film category, including the Academy Awards and the BAFTAs. The movie is available on Disney+.

Agustin Madrigal

“Encanto” is a Spanish word meaning charm or endearment. This animated film stars Wilmer Valderrama as patriarch Agustin Madrigal. The cast of Encanto is diverse, including a young girl named Mirabel. Dolores is not the only young girl in the movie – the older Dolores is also a teenage princess, and she has her own set of magical powers.

As the second daughter of Agustin Madrigal, Dolores is a young woman with superhuman strength. She can move mountains, donkeys, and churches. Here are some of the questions that are raised by the film’s characters.

Agustin’s age in Encanto is unknown, but it is believed that he was born on a Wednesday. The town of Encanto was founded in 1900, which makes Agustin’s age in the film around fifty years old. The eldest child is Julieta, while the youngest child is Bruno. The oldest couple is also a couple, and Agustin’s parents are separated by a year.

While Agustin is not the original Madrigal, he has married into the Madrigal family. His marriage to Julieta Madrigal is quite successful, but it did not stop her from being stung by bees. So if the film was really based on true events, Dolores would be about four years old. Agustin is not the original Madrigal, but the man who married into the family has a son named Mirabel.

Bruno Madrigal

The film begins with Dolores trying to tell someone about the tio, but her mother and sister thunder and rain. It’s a shame, but she learns to keep quiet and keep things to herself. Mirabel, meanwhile, asks her how old she is, and Dolores finally admits to being scared of her cousin. Her parents are both horrified by her behavior, but she doesn’t reveal the full truth about her relationship with Bruno until four months after her tio leaves.

Dolores is the daughter of a rich man named Pedro, who was a magical figure himself. His magical candle protected the people from him, and his magic helped create a new magical house for them. The Madrigals’ village flourished under the magical candle’s protection. Each Madrigal family member has a special gift, such as a talent for seeing into the future. Dolores is the oldest daughter, and the youngest grandson, Camilo, is 15.


In Encanto, Dolores and Bruno are two of the four children born to Pedro and Alma. The villagers feared the clairvoyance of their young king, and Bruno was destined to be the villain. His visions made his family an outcast for years, but they soon learned that his sacrifice created a magical ring of mountains surrounding their village.

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Dolores’ Rio is a liar, but she can still see him and hear him. Dolores is also very protective of the children. In fact, she could hear his heartbeat and nervous steps. She would even pretend to knock over a juice glass, making a mess on the floor. And she wouldn’t let her know that she is the cause of Mariano’s unhappiness. This was all about How Old Is Dolores in Encanto.

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