How The Internet Saw Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain

How The Internet Saw Lana Del Rey's Weight Gain


The singers and the songwriters have always been successful in creating a soft spot in the hearts of the listeners. This is why Lana Del Rey has a huge fan following. How the internet saw Lana Del Rey’s weight gain is something truly exciting and marvelous. For a singer who has a fan following across the borders, it is extremely difficult to hide any personal change. Since such celebrities have to appear in the spotlight now and then, therefore, they cannot manage to hide their physical changes for a longer period from the fans. Maybe earlier or later on, these details will be noticed and become a part of the news.

How The Internet Saw Lana Del Rey's Weight Gain

Lana Del Rey or Elizabeth Woolridge Grant is a singer and songwriter who has been recognized for her services by being awarded different awards. The fans of Del Rey music are specified and addicted. The person who once turns on the music and listens to Lana singing can never go for any other artist again in the future. Similarly, fans have reported that there is a certain type of melancholy associated with the songs and music of Lana Del Rey. They have described it perfectly as the one that perfectly fits the frame of the mid-century Americana cinema. Plus, they can also make your feet vibrate under you and urge you to dance, just like modern pop music.

Her Uniqueness is wonderful.

The art that is not unique is not an art at all. This is why the artists go to different lengths to make sure that their productivities are enhanced and the Uniqueness of the content is maximized. The critics are known to pass on the comments that are not very appreciable, but when it comes to the music artwork of Lana Del Rey, even the critics can’t limit their thinking, and they too applauded her by notifying their response that her voice ranges three whole octaves. This is truly fascinating. Especially for her fans, this news is extremely delightful. Recently Lana is not known about her vocals; instead, the fact that is gaining more popularity is her weight gain.

Her Uniqueness is wonderful.

The career of Lana is extended upon a decade, and she has been producing excellent musicals since then. But the fans have also been noticing the physical changes in her personality and appearance. One of the most prominent changes was weight gain. The fans have not just noticed it. In fact, it is discussed on several forums and platforms. Resulting in the star becoming a victim of body shaming and fatphobia. Like many other celebrities for whom the pandemic period was an extremely bad experience Lana del Rey too gained the weight in the COVID lockdown situations. Therefore, she became a trend on the local media, being subjected to body shaming and weight gain comments.

The initiation and the response

To understand the response of the public, it is of the utmost importance that the initiation point of that particular factor is determined to ensure that the research is conducted responsibly. Therefore, after a perfect analysis, a photograph came across the desk that was taken by a reporter in July 2020. In this photo, Lana can be seen in denim shorts and a polo shirt, wearing sunglasses and a protective mask. The footwear included a pair of white sneakers, and she held coffee and water in her hand along another bag. This photo became an ignition point for the conversation, and the remarks left by the public were not adorable at all.

The initiation and the response

The names with which she was called, such as “Lana Del Porkchop” and “Shaped like a fridge,” were the ones that gained much attention. Some more uncivilized words such as “A linebacker” also appeared on the screen. The response from the internet was not satisfactory at all. It was extremely disappointing, and, in some comments, people have also asked her to cover the thighs in vile wordings. However, most of the comments were not very pleasant. Some individuals backed her up in this tough situation.

A strong support

A social media user defended the star by letting the public know about the anorexic condition of Lana Del Rey. She said that the star was anorexic and used to be skinny in the days when she was not famous. Therefore, the public should take this weight gain as a positive change instead of teasing her with harsh comments. The fans and the public should be glad that the star has recovered from the anorexic conditions. But still, there is no word from the star’s end regarding her being anorexic, and she is keeping her silence. But by combining the facts such as her lyrics and her past photographs, it can be easily understood that Lana was suffering from some kind of eating disorder in the past, and it might be anorexia.

Although the power of social media is not hidden from anyone, it has helped us out in bringing a huge change in society. But sometimes, the social media platforms such as twitte5r that demand the public to share their views are misused by the public. This was experienced in the case of Lana Del Rey when the star was bullied and body shamed for her weight gain, and it did happen constantly. The most positive factor of this whole scenario was the support of the other half of the public for Lana. However, some were constantly criticizing her increased weight. Similarly, there were those people too who acknowledged her weight gain and defended her openly on social media platforms.


A tool is neither good nor bad. Our usage alone makes it good or bad. This is precisely why while sharing our thoughts with social media, we must ensure that our words are shaped in such a way that they tend to change the thoughts of an entire generation. How the internet saw Lana Del Ray’s weight gain is a story that must be taken as a lesson when it comes to body shaming. This was all about How The Internet Saw Lana Del Rey’s Weight Gain.

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