How to block No Caller Id On iPhone

How to block No Caller Id On iPhone

If you often receive calls from unknown numbers and want to know how to block a no caller id on iPhone or how to remove a blocked caller id, then this post is helpful for you.

Have you ever been wondering how to block unknown or private callers on your iPhone? You’re not alone. These types of calls come for a variety of reasons and ways like an automated telemarketer, someone you know playing a prank, or maybe even an ex-partner trying to reach you. Whatever the case may be, no one wants to deal with unwanted calls. The good news is there are several ways to block these types of calls on your iPhone.

In this blog, we’ll explore the built-in call-blocking features on your iPhone, as well as third-party apps that can help you take control of your phone’s incoming calls. We’ll also give you tips on how to effectively block unwanted calls and how to unblock numbers if needed. So, if you’re ready to free yourself from these annoying calls and take back control of your iPhone, keep reading!

What does “no caller ID” mean?

Calls that come from an iPhone with “No caller ID” or “Unknown caller” active means that the caller’s phone number is not being transmitted to the recipient’s phone. It can happen for a lot of reasons, such as companies or calling apps blocking caller ID for privacy reasons, while others may do it to conceal their phone number for marketing or other purposes. Some scammers or spammers also use this feature to hide their identities.

In some cases, the call may also be labeled “Blocked” or “Restricted.” When you receive a call from no caller ID, you have the option to accept, decline, or send it to voicemail.

Reasons why someone may want to block calls from unknown numbers

There are many reasons why someone may want to block calls from unknown numbers. These include:

Spam or telemarketing calls

Many people receive unwanted calls from telemarketers or robocalls on a regular basis. Blocking these calls can help reduce the number of unwanted interruptions during the day.


Unknown numbers can also be used by scammers to trap people into giving away personal information or money. Blocking these calls can help protect against potential fraud.

Harassment or stalking

Some individuals may want to block unknown numbers to prevent harassment or unwanted contact from an ex-partner or other person.


Blocking unknown numbers can also be a way to protect one’s privacy. Some people may not want to answer calls from unknown numbers to keep their personal information private.

Avoiding missed calls

Sometimes people may want to block unknown numbers because they are worried about missing an important call from a known contact that may be calling from an unfamiliar number.

Phone number privacy

People may not want to reveal their phone numbers to the caller; blocking unknown numbers can help keep their phone numbers private.

Understanding the iPhone’s built-in call-blocking features

You are lucky if you have an iPhone because it has several built-in call-blocking features that let you restrict calls from specific numbers or contacts. Below are a few of the most commonly used built-in call-blocking features:

Blocked Contacts

This feature allows users to add specific phone numbers or contacts to a blocked list. Once a number is on this list, the user will not receive calls or text messages from that number. To add a contact or number to the blocked list, go to Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts.

Recent list

Users can also block numbers from the Recents list, which shows all of the recent incoming and outgoing calls on the phone. To block contact from your Recents list, tap the “i” icon which is usually available with the number that you wanna block, and tap “Block this Caller”.

Silence Unknown Callers

This feature, introduced in iOS 13, allows users to silence calls from numbers that are not in their contacts. When this feature is enabled, calls from unknown numbers will go straight to voicemail, and the phone will not ring. You can use this Silence Unknown Callers feature by going to Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers.

Decline Repeated calls

This feature, introduced in iOS 14, allows users to repeatedly decline calls from the same number in a short period. This feature is useful to block robocalls or unwanted calls from scammers. To use this feature, go to Settings > Phone > and turn on the toggle for “Decline Repeated Calls.”

Moreover, It’s worth noting that these built-in call-blocking features do not always block all unwanted calls, and scammers or spammers can use different phone numbers or techniques to get around them. Some users may consider using third-party call-blocking apps for more robust protection.

Using third-party apps to block calls on iPhone

Apart from the iPhone built-in call blocking, several third-party apps on the App Store can block unwanted calls on an iPhone. Some popular ones include:

Call Blocker

First, we have the call blocker. Call blocker allows you to block unwanted calls and texts and create a whitelist of contacts that are allowed to call you.


Who doesn’t know about Truecaller blocking apps? This app uses a global database of phone numbers to identify and block spam calls, as well as show you information about who is calling before you answer.

Mr. Number

Next, we have the Mr.Number number blocking app. Mr.Number allows you to block calls and texts from specific numbers and create a blacklist of numbers that are always blocked.

Call Blocker & SMS Blocker

Last but not least, it is the Call blocker and SMS blocker app. Call Blocker and SMS Blocker allow you to block unwanted calls and texts and create a whitelist of contacts that are allowed to call you.

Tips for effectively blocking unwanted calls on iPhone

  • Instead of trusting third-party apps, use the iPhone’s built-in call-blocking feature. iPhones have a built-in call-blocking feature that lets you restrict numbers from specific callers.
  • Drop the calling numbers in the block list which is not saved in your iPhone contacts. For that, you can go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking and Identification > Block Contact.
  • Block international numbers If you are receiving unwanted calls from them. You can block calls from all international numbers. Go to Settings > Phone > Call Blocking and Identification > Block International Calls.
  • If you receive unwanted calls, Report them to the FTC to help them track down the source and take action against the caller.

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To sum it up, To block unwanted calls on your iPhone, you’ll have to perform a few different actions. However, these methods work effectively and don’t require special tools or expertise. Best of all, they’re free. The question remains: who wants to receive random calls at all times of the day? If you’re serious about blocking unwanted callers, then one of the methods recommended in this guide may be the right option. This was all about How to block No Caller Id On iPhone.

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