How To Choose A Diamond Ring Brand in Highland-Park, TX

Diamond Ring Brand

Buying a diamond ring could be overwhelming, especially if it is your first time doing so, so it is best that you go into this adventure having an idea of what you want and what you are looking for. There are a ton of wholesale diamond dealers in Highland Park, TX that you could choose from. Here are ways to choose a diamond ring brand  in Highland Park.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Diamond Ring Brand

1. Choose the setting of the diamond ring brand

  • Bezel – The bezel setting has a thin metal strip that is pushed around the gem, using that to hold the centerpiece in place, effectively protecting the stone.
  • Prong – Prong is a ring setting that has a diamond in the middle, and it is held in place with 4 to 6 other marrow metal support, or prongs, securing the single song. They would call this ring the “solitaire.”
  • Halo – The halo setting is when the diamond is being enclosed by other tinier diamonds to add more sparkle. This setting could also make the center stone appear much larger.

2. Pick the metal

  • Gold – Gold metal has been used for thousands of years now, and it is a metal that helps reflect light on the surface of the ring. This is alloyed with other metals since gold is naturally soft.
  • Silver – Even though you would usually see silver in jewelry, it is very rare on engagement rings since it is not the most durable out of the other 2 metals and it could tarnish over time.
  • Platinum – Platinum gives off an elegant look to your ring and makes your diamond ring much more durable and it is corrosion-resistant. It would usually be mixed with other metals like cobalt, iridium, and ruthenium since platinum is soft in its most natural and purest state.

3. Know your 4Cs

  • Carat Weight – The carat weight of a diamond is the one that determines the size of the diamond. This factor usually directly affects the price of the diamond.
  • Cut – The cut of the diamond would help with the sparkle of the overall diamond because the sparkle is being affected by how good the quality of the cut of the diamond is.
  • Color – The color of a diamond is graded from D to Z, from having less color to having a more yellowish kind of color. When you choose a diamond color, you have to know that the less color the diamond has, the rarer it is.
  • Clarity – The clarity of the diamond refers to how “clean” the diamond is, referring to how many inclusions and how many blemishes are on the diamond stone itself.

4. Know your partner’s ring size

When you are buying a ring, especially if the ring is for your partner, it is important that you get the proper ring size. You wouldn’t want the ring to accidentally slip out of their finger while they are doing their day-to-day activities.

5. Look at the diamond under different lightings

  • Go to a place where the spotlight would not overwhelm you/
  • You could go to a place where there are fluorescent lights because it would bounce the light off a white ceiling.
  • Go under direct sunlight because it would help break the diamond’s light up into thousands of silvers

Questions You Need To Ask Before Buying a Diamond Ring

1. Can this ring be modified?

Especially if the ring you got is either too big or too small, being able to modify the ring to fit with your partner and your finger is extremely important, so you have to ask your jeweler if the ring could be resized, repaired, and maybe even upgraded.

2. What are the payment options?

Each jewelry shop has its own payment options that you could ask for. Before you buy a diamond ring, you have to ask about the financial options that they could offer you if there are any layaways or special financing since buying an engagement ring is some sort of investment.

3. What are the 4Cs of the diamond?

The 4Cs are usually what jewelers tell you that you have to look out for when you are buying a diamond ring, the 4Cs being clarity, carat, color, and cut. Look out for these 4 essential characteristics of the diamond that you are about to purchase, it would make it easier for you to choose the right diamond that you think fits with the jewelry that you want to buy.

4. What are the properties of the metal that the diamond is set on?

The diamond is not the only thing you have to look out for when you are buying a ring, you also have to look out for the metal that is being used for your jewelry. There are a lot of metal options for your ring, like silver, gold, and platinum. These different kinds of metals have their own strengths, upkeep requirements, cost, and durability.

5. Does this stone have a grading report?

When you are buying your diamond ring, you have to ask if the stone that you are buying has a grading report. The report usually comes from organizations like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) where they would provide you with all of the important information, like the origin of the stains and the 4Cs.

Picking the proper diamond that fits your standards and gets you the right diamond for the price that you are paying is very important since diamond rings are not the cheapest things. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and look for other options.

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