How to Choose a Sacramento Bicycle Accident Attorney

Sacramento Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle accidents can be horrible because bikes don’t have as much protection as other vehicles. Serious injuries often happen, requiring expensive medical care, physical therapy, or surgery. The Sacramento Bicycle Accident Attorney care about every case whether or not it involves in injuries.

Lawyers have been taking care of severe personal injury cases like bicycle accidents for over 20 years. Sacramento Bicycle Accident Attorney has earned a stellar reputation among peers and clients alike for their tenacious representation of clients and their readiness to see each case through to a successful resolution, no matter the length of the process. 

Why Should You Hire a Bicycle Lawyer?

Some things make biking on roads different, but there are also a lot of similarities to driving a car. Riders must follow many of the same road rules as cars. They also have to use safety gear like helmets, which is required by law.

Car insurance may cover some accidents between a bicyclist and a driver. Your auto insurance might help pay for your medical bills if you were hurt in an accident. In some situations, even a policy for a homeowner or a renter will cover some damage. In other cases, a bicyclist may sue a careless driver and go to court to get their money back after an accident. Even if you were in an accident with a driver who didn’t have insurance, there are still ways to get paid.

Injury Types Often Caused by Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents can be horrible and even kill people. A person on a bicycle has little protection, which can be bad news if they get hit by a car or truck that weighs 3,000 pounds or more. A careless driver might walk away from an accident with nothing more than a scratch, but a bicyclist could be hurt so badly that they will have health problems for the rest of their lives.

These kinds of injuries can take a long time to heal and require many trips to the doctor, surgeries, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. The bills can add up quickly and become too much for the person who got hurt and their family to handle.

Sacramento Bicycle Accident Attorney can help you figure out how much money you are owed because of an accident. They can also help you negotiate with an insurance adjuster or take a careless driver to court to get the money you are owed. They want to help make sure that the cost of medical care is manageable for you to put all of your focus on becoming well again.

What Does Hiring a Bicycle Attorney Cost?

If you get injuries in a bicycle accident and have to miss work because of your injuries, you may be unable to pay all of your bills. These things can make it seem like you can’t afford to hire a lawyer. 

Law Firm understands that you may be busy right now. So, they offer a free first meeting to discuss your case’s details. You can ask questions, and they will tell you your legal options. If they decide to take your case, you will only have to pay attorney fees once you get paid. That means you can wait to pay anything for your case. This peace of mind goes a long way toward building trust with clients and easing their financial pressure right after a severe bicycle accident.

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