How to Cure a Yeast Infection at Home Fast?

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is a type of fungal infection that usually targets our genital area and leads to irritation. It is a common problem for women and can cause frequent discharge. Many women are reluctant to take gynecological help as they don’t treat it like a recognizable problem. Thankfully we have some home remedies that can help you get rid of yeast infection pretty fast. Here, we will answer, “how to cure a yeast infection at home fast?”, so that you can resolve this problem at privately.

75% of women tend to have a yeast infection at least once in their life. Men can also have a yeast infection, but it not as frequent as it is for women. Scientifically, yeast is known as Candida albicans and is the most common reason why people have this infection.

Ways to treat yeast infection at home

There are many ways to treat yeast infections. Since most times, it is not severe, women choose self-administered home cure. Here, we will share the best ways to treat yeast infection at home. Check out all the remedies you can choose from:

1. Greek yogurt

Probiotics are great to treat yeast infections and Greek yogurt is one of the best in such case. It contains living bacteria like Lactobacillus acidophilus that create a clean and healthy environment for your genital area.

Plain yogurt is literally the best home remedy you can try to kill yeast infection. Make sure you don’t have any added content like sugar, as it can fuel the growth of the fungus.

2. Boric acid

A powerful antiseptic like boric acid works well for women who are reluctant to use other remedies. Topical use of boric acid on the vagina helps you fight infection.

Note that boric acid is pretty toxic and can lead to a condition like a kidney failure or acute failure of your circulatory system. If you absorb too much of it, it can get as fatal as death. To avoid this, don’t use boric acid if have a skin injury or tear. Expecting women must not use boric acid of any form.

You must add an equal portion of water to the acid and then topically apply it on the vulva area. If it seems risky, choose any other remedy over this one.

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3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil seamlessly answers how to cure a yeast infection at home fast because it is a potent ingredient. The fatty oil extracted from the flesh of coconut comes with several health benefits. Since it antifungal, it helps you treat your vaginal problem. You will often find a yeast infection cream include coconut extract as an ingredient to quicken the remedial process.

Coconut oil for yeast infection works as it fights candida albicans and is one of the safest remedies to use. Just apply an organic form of coconut oil on the vagina and find your problem go away within a few days.

4. Garlic

Garlic for yeast infection might work as it is a great remedy to kill candida. The Trusted Source took a lab test to prove this as true. However, there are debates over the fact if it can treat yeast infection outside of the lab setting or not.

The best way you can make garlic work towards keeping your vagina hygienic is by adding it to your diet. We don’t recommend you to insert garlic into your vagina even if you’ve found that on the internet. The result can leave you with a burning sensation so it is good to keep it to your food recipes.

5. Hydrogen peroxide

If you’re looking for remedies to answer, ‘how to get rid of a yeast infection in 24 hours?’ you should try hydrogen peroxide. You simply need to dilute it in water by taking half portions of both and apply it on your vulva area.

The results are visible within a day. Note that this remedy might not work towards killing other types of yeast. If it doesn’t cure your condition after applying it once, do it two more times but not more than that.

6. Vitamin C

You need the effect of an immune booster that vitamin C provides to maintain a proper body balance. The ascorbic acid includes antimicrobial components when distilled into tablet form. Many women swear by it to kill their candida overgrowth.

You can add vitamin C in your regular diet to keep away vaginal yeast infection. Don’t use it if you have sensitive skin as it is acidic and can react badly on the sensitive area.

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7. Tea tree oil

There are hundreds of benefits that make tea tree essential oil a great option. It helps you kill fungi, viruses, and bacteria, and you can use it in many home remedies.

Simply take one teaspoon of tea oil and add an equal portion of coconut or jojoba oil. Use carrier oil to dilute the mixture and apply it topically. You can use the oil to make your vagina smell well and keep it hygienic.

8. Apple cider vinegar

If you have an organic form of apple cider vinegar at home, you already have the answer to how to cure a yeast infection at home fast. Apple cider vinegar for yeast infection works like magic and almost instantaneously. This form of vinegar has several medicinal usages and cleaning your vagina off infection is one of those.

You have to add half a cup of apple cider vinegar into the bathtub after filling it with lukewarm water. Let your body soak for 15 minutes as the acidic component eliminates the infection. You can also apply it topically, but you have to dilute it three times with water as per the vinegar content.

Tips to prevent vaginal yeast infection

Now that you know how to clear a yeast infection in one day you should also know the preventive measures that can make it not happen at all. Check the points below to take better care of your vaginal health:

  • Reduce sugar consumption
  • Reduce having processed food
  • Wear clothes that are loose and buy cotton underwear
  • Don’t wear wet clothes for a long span of time
  • Use antibiotics only when necessary
  • Avoid vaginal sprays or perfumed lotions

Final thoughts

Now that you know how to cure a yeast infection at home fast it is time you try the best remedy that suits you. Most home remedies for treating vaginal infection will work within a week. If you don’t see any changes or find the condition aggravate, you need a doctor’s intervention.

Book an appointment and tell your doctor all that you’ve done to reduce the condition. Your doctor will able to accurately examine the condition and give you the kind of treatment you need.

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