How to Find Information About a Person by Phone Number?


Gone are the days when phone numbers were only used to ring someone up. Today, phone numbers contain and provide a gateway to all kinds of information such as name, location, criminal records, and email IDs. In this day and age of digital revolution and cyber crimes, it is instrumental to know more about someone to ensure that you’re not being duped or wrongly threatened.

With the Internet, anything can be easily done. Nowadays, technology has advanced to the point where you can even look up someone online using information you already know about them, such as their name, contact number, address, and other pertinent details. There are several ways you can use someone’s phone number to look up more information. We have discussed some of the best ways in this article. Let’s take a look at them. Here is  reverse lookup a phone number.

What Are The Best Ways To Find Information About Someone Using Their Phone Numbers? 

As mentioned, phone numbers today hold the key today to all the information you can need about someone. But, it can be a little overwhelming and exhausting to manually look up phone numbers, which is why we have come up with the easiest ways so that you don’t have a hard time locating information about someone.

1. Social Media Platforms

<p>Social media platforms are not simply a place to have fun and seek entertainment in contrast to popular belief. You can use social media platforms for more than just liking and sharing pictures. They have gone much beyond that and serve all kinds of purposes to people today. The most unexpected, however, is that you can even find people on such networks using their phone numbers. You can find such social networks as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.</p>

Take Facebook, for example. All you have to do is look up the phone in the search bar, and provided that the number you have is correct, you’re likely to come across the profile of the person whose number it is. That being said, this trick will only work if the person’s profile is public and is synced with their phone number. Then again, most people are active nowadays and choose to link their accounts to their phone numbers. Hence, give this a try, and it might just work. 

You can use a similar trick on Instagram as well. Save the contact information of the target person on your device. Next, head over to Instagram and sync your contacts. You can then go to your settings and find people’s profiles from your contacts under the “Follow contacts” tab. Voila! If the target person is indeed on Instagram, you will likely find them. 

Twitter also offers a similar feature. Like Instagram, it allows you to sync your contacts and track them down on the platform. All you need to do is go to the app and head to the ‘Settings and Privacy’ section. Over there, tap on ‘Discoverability and Contacts.’ Next, switch on the toggle that says ‘Sync address book and contacts.’ Once you do that, you’ll be able to find people from your contacts on Twitter.

 You can also use LinkedIn to find information about someone using their phone number. Finding LinkedIn information can be tricky but don’t lose hope. It is primarily a business-related social media platform that helps people to connect and find jobs. To scan someone’s details on the platform, you first need to have them as your connection. If you have a rough idea about who the target person could be, you can search for their name on the search bar, and if the person has their contact details on their profile, you can check to see if you’re correct. 

2. Search Engines

Thanks to the internet, almost everything is possible today. You can just sit at your home and travel across oceans with a tap on your phone. And, with the help of search engines like Google, finding information has never been easier. Regardless, some people still underestimate the power of Google. The renowned search engine will do its absolute best to retrieve accurate results if you’re searching correctly on Google. 

You can search the number on Google, and if that contact is listed somewhere, chances are you’ll get it under results. With only one search, this free web tool returns many results. Numerous publicly accessible records on Google give you access to all the information, social media profiles, or court documents.

When you type a contact number into a search box, a list of results appears, including a webpage, blog, job listing, or dating profile. But, Google isn’t the only search engine you can use.

There are dedicated search engines like Whitepages designed to track down information from just phone numbers. The website provides free services and hosts more than 500 million US phone numbers. The platform allows you to find not only phone numbers but also get a background check, carrier information, criminal records, and businesses. 

All you have to do is head to the website and tap on the Reverse Phone section. Next, enter the phone number of the target person and click Search. Once you do that, the website will gather information on the person in question. Depending on whether the number is a cell phone number or a landline number, the site pulls up details like name, address, age, associated businesses, and what mobile carrier the person uses. 

 If the website fails to pull up any information, it might be because the number isn’t registered on their database, and consequently, a “No match found” page will be shown. But, no need to despair. Whitepages is not the only website you can use. You can also try out Cityzor, a public records website that helps people find information from phone numbers, addresses, and names. 

Visit the website and go to the Phone Search tab. Next, please type in the target person’s phone number in the search bar, and the website will pull up all the information on the number, such as name, address, and previous addresses. The site is free, so don’t shy away from giving it a try. 

3. Phone Lookup Platforms


If you own a smartphone and have a connection to the internet, finding information about a phone number can be a cakewalk, thanks to dedicated phone lookup platforms. Truecaller is the most used mobile app for searching for someone using their phone number. The website and the app are easy to use and provide accurate information. You need to register yourself on the platform with your email ID, and you can then start looking for other phone numbers. The platform allows you to search for people using their contact details or names. Type in the target person’s phone number in the search bar, and Truecaller will instantaneously pull up information about the person.

The site is free, for the most part. However, if you want more details like their email addresses, you need to purchase one of their premium options that offer enhanced facilities. Truecaller can be a handy tool for finding information about someone. However, it can be limited since all you can find is the name of the person or maybe their email ID. If you want a more detailed search, you have to look somewhere else.


That is where the SignalHire website steps in. It is a website that provides valid personal & work emails and phone numbers. SignalHire can be an excellent tool in helping you find the right contact details, including the target person’s social media profiles and LinkedIn profile. This tool can also be used as an extension in Google Chrome or Firefox. It allows you to find contacts directly through a person’s LinkedIn or GitHub profile. SignalHire gives free 5 credits every month to anyone with the free trial. That is, it is an incredible chance to try the tool and use it without paying anything.

The site even allows you to find details about someone using their email ID or phone number. SignalHire is affordable and reliable, so give it a try!

If all these platforms don’t work, don’t lose all your hope because there are other platforms, such as TruthFinder. TruthFinder is a reliable tool that assists you in discovering anyone through reverse phone number lookups. You can quickly run a lookup using its low price and efficient service.

The tool contains an enormous database that compiles information from numerous reliable sources. It makes it simple to look for a specific person without knowing anything about them. TruthFinder is a market-leading search engine that provides customers with reliable features.

Final Thoughts

Finding information about someone has never been easier! Use the tricks mentioned above to find details on your target phone number without losing sleep over who’s calling you! You’ve got all the right tools to get started immediately.


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