How to Intervene in a Sibling Fight?

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Sibling fight is the most distressing and disturbing moment for the parents, especially the mothers because they have to face it every day and all day. It’s no surprise that they end up being with headaches and taking relaxing pills.

Most mothers don’t take it seriously and let things go as they are going. When asked: “why?” their answer is; “it’s okay, it’s not something to worry about. They will get along after some time”. And this is where they make the mistake.

Parents should initially investigate sibling rivalry causes and treat properly, if not taken seriously in the beginning can end up in hatred and jealousy in the future.

So it’s important to intervene in the sibling rivalry each time. But what matters is the way of intervening. It shouldn’t be done in a negative way but should be handled positively. If you are confused and don’t have any idea how to handle the fight positively, then don’t worry. That’s why we’re here. To guide you with the right way of handling your kids during the fight.

Step in before somebody gets hurt

The first and the most important measure to take when you see the fight catching up a fire. Step in the fight before kids become more aggressive and hurt each other. Taking long to get in the fight can sometimes result in serious damage.

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You must be thinking that it isn’t possible, children can’t go to that extent. Let me tell you, you are mistaken, I’ve experienced it myself that’s why I’m sharing it with you. So do step in the fight before something goes too wrong. Because after all children are wild and don’t know how to control anger.

Avoid yelling at them

Make sure that you don’t start yelling at your kids before even knowing the reason for the fight. Yelling and screaming can leave a negative impact on the children’s mind and will make them stubborn. So try handling the fight with a calm mind.

Don’t rush for the punishments

Even if the children have done something that needs punishment, don’t rush for it, wait for the right time when children are all calm down, and then announce the punishment in a friendly way.

Listen to both sides

Before making any judgments, it is important to listen to children. Give each a proper time to speak. Understand their point of view and let them lighten their burdens.

Don’t make comparisons

Don’t compare the siblings. It will be the last and the most negative thing you will do. Instead of handling the matter, it will give rise to more hatred and jealousy.

Be fair

Yeah, I know, it becomes difficult for a mother to make fair decisions when one child is just a toddler and the other is in teens. But still, it’s important to handle the fight with equality and be fair.

Give private punishments

If you think that punishment is a must then give them in private to both of them. But don’t do it in public, it will make the child feel shame which is not to be appreciated.

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