How to make an HVAC logo


HVAC is a technology for maintaining air parameters within specified limits: temperature, humidity and chemical composition in the interior and car interior (climate control). If you provide design and ventilation services, you need to have a solid logo that shows that your company can be trusted. You can create it using the Turbologo online constructor. Read more about this in our article.

What is a logo?

The logo is the most important symbol of any company. It is a distinctive feature of a company, product or service. A logo is an emblem that supports the company’s image, is part of the corporate identity and serves as a means of individualization and identification in the market. One legal entity may have multiple logos if they are used for different products or services.

The word logo came to us from the ancient Greek language: λόγος means “word” and τύπος – “imprint”. The use of the term “logo” began in the 19th century. It was mainly used by printing houses, calling it blanks of text clichés that did not need to be typed manually.

Currently, the logo is used as a synonym for the word trademark, trademark or brand. However, this is not entirely correct, because Not every logo is a brand and not every emblem becomes a trademark. The following statement would be more correct: a logo that has been registered is a trademark, and a trademark that has become well-known becomes a brand.

A logo is a graphic style of stylized letters or an image that may contain an abbreviated or full corporate name of the organization. The logo can be verbal, when the name of the company or product is drawn up in an unusual font. The logo may be pictorial, i.e. contain a picture or emblem, such as the Olympic rings, the Mercedes badge, or the Apple apple. If the symbol contains both a verbal and a pictorial element, then such a logo will be combined, these include trademarks of Adidas, Ikea or Chanel cosmetics.

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How to make an HVAC logo

Choosing the HVAC logo icon

If we talk about symbols related to HVAC, then the icon can be depicted:

  • Universal symbols (thermometer, snowflake, flame, water drops);
  • Images related to installation and repair work (worker in a helmet, wrench);
  • Symbol of the house.

To find the desired image, you can use keywords. Turbologo’s online constructor will offer you several suitable options.

Choose a color

For the logo of a company organizing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, the following colors would be appropriate:

  • Red;
  • Orange;
  • Blue;
  • White;
  • Grey.

Turbologo’s online designer will allow you to choose the right color or combination of shades in just a few minutes. In the process of creating a logo, color settings can be edited.

Choose a font

The correct font for an HVAC logo must meet several criteria, namely:

  1. Readability. Choose a readable font for your logo that will look legible in any size and placement.
  2. Harmony. When choosing a font, pay attention to its combination with the icon. Massive fonts look good with a massive icon: After Disaster, Europe and others.
  3. Nothing more. Handwritten fonts, as well as options with a variety of curls and serifs, will not work for you. Their use impairs readability.

The Turbologo service contains a collection of fonts that are ideal for creating HVAC themed logos, so you can choose any of them.

Some more helpful tips:

  • Do not overload the logo with a complex image (or images) or an abundance of contact information;
  • Do not use several fonts, and if it is still required, then two options in harmony with each other is the maximum number;
  • Do not paint the logo in all the colors of the rainbow. If you need a multi-colored logo, then use 2 to 4 matching colors;
  • Do not try to fill the entire area of ​​the logo with inscriptions or an image. Leave free space around the logo, as well as between its elements – this will facilitate its perception in a small size.
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As you can see, creating a good HVAC logo is actually not such a difficult task. Good luck!


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