How to Organise a Fundraiser: Your Way to Altruism!

How to Organise a Fundraiser

With so many issues around the globe, people are becoming increasingly active and altruistic which is fantastic to see. Fundraisers can be a brilliant way to raise money for a good cause, increase awareness about important issues and bring people together, and there are a few handy tips to help how to organise a fundraiser to be a success whether this is for a personal cause or for a nonprofit organisation.

Use an Online Platform

In today’s day and age, you need to be using an online platform like Just Giving to raise the funds. This is a quick and easy way to manage the money, plus it makes it simple for people to donate no matter where they are so it provides enormous reach, which should help you to hit your targets.

Campaign on the Street

In order to get noticed and to make a connection with people, you will want to get out into public spaces and raise awareness this way. You should try to get people to stop and talk with you, but this can be challenging which is why you should also have promotional materials made up to help you out. T-shirts, posters, banners and flyers are highly effective at raising awareness, especially if it provides a link to where they can donate online.

Partner with Local Restaurants/Cafes

Another smart way to raise money for your cause is to partner with a local restaurant or cafe. Businesses like this are often looking for opportunities to be altruistic and improve their brand reputation, so by hosting an event here with a percentage of the takings going towards your cause, you can earn money while also supporting a local business and arranging an enjoyable evening.

Organise a Raffle

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There are few fundraising events as common as a raffle, which is for good reason because it can be a highly effective way to raise funds. A raffle will give people a chance to win a prize (make sure that it is something that people will get excited about) while helping you to raise a good amount of money for your cause, plus it can add some fun and raise awareness about your cause. You could also use other ways to raise funds at the raffle, such as with a cookie sale.

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for ways to raise funds for a good cause and help you to be more altruistic whether this is a personal cause or for a nonprofit.

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