How to Paint Garage Walls and Floor

Paint Garage Walls

Looking to give your garage a makeover and deciding to paint garage walls and floors? If so, you might just find that a fresh lick of paint could make a world of difference to the entire area. In many cases though, this can be quite a big task, one that will require some preparation and careful consideration. Fortunately for those who aren’t quite sure about what to do, we’re here to give you a helping hand.

How to paint garage walls

In general, there’s nothing more important than the preparation stage. This step can often involve several different things; from moving furniture and cars, to sealing any cracks and seams on the walls. Essentially, just take the time to make sure that the area is ready and that the walls themselves are prepared for painting.

It can often be a good idea to outline the perimeter of the wall with a paintbrush before you move on to using the roller, since it can often be a good way to prevent getting paint in areas you don’t want it (whether that’s the ceiling or a door frame).

Of course, it’s always worth taking the time to find a good quality brand of paint. Even if it might come with a higher cost, it can often make all the difference to the end result – which for most will be the most important thing to consider.

How to paint a garage floor

There can often be many benefits that come with painting a garage floor, especially if you use the right coating. From aesthetics, to higher durability; it’s certainly worth considering if you’re trying to improve your garage. Much like with painting the walls, you’re going to need to make sure that you get everything out of the way, followed by properly cleaning the floor.

Once it’s dry, you can finally begin the process of painting. Again, like above, painting an outline around the edges with a paintbrush before going in with a roller can be an excellent idea if you want to avoid simple but annoying mistakes. The amount of coats you do is entirely up to you, as you’ll often find many people to have different opinions on the right amount. Just see how it goes and decide for yourself if you think it’s enough or not.

Looking for more?

While this is just a brief look into the things that you’ll need to do when painting your garage, we hope that it’ll help you out with your project. If you’re looking for a little more information on the matter, you might want to pay a visit to

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