How to Sell Your Accident Damaged Car

Sell Your Accident Damaged Car

When most people suffer a vehicle accident, the first thought that comes to mind is a loss. The car is severely damaged and it does not seem to be worth a dime. Here is How to Sell Your Accident Damaged Car.

They can only think of sending it off to the landfill or abandoning it.  However, getting rid of it should not be a complex task. What is more surprising to these people, is they can actually still sell their vehicle for some quick money.

Cash-for-car professionals ensure that accident damaged cars are taken care of in the best way possible. They understand how stressful it can be getting rid of a vehicle in such a condition thus, they take the burden off your shoulders.

So when you find yourself stuck with a badly damaged car from an accident. Rather than abandoning the wreck, sell it a cash-for-cars company.

Tasks To Do Before Selling The Car

Before parting with your accident damaged car, you will need to do a few things. It is the best way to make sure you get a great deal and the car is handed over to the right people.

Get a Detailed Report of the Car

With an accidental car, you must assess the damage. Is it drivable or it is irreparable? Assessing it will help in estimating the value.

If you are not sure about it, talk to an expert. In most cases, your mechanic would be the best person to talk to.

Before you can call a car removal professional for a quote, identify the damage and get a detailed report. It should include the actual condition and the extent of the damage.

For the parts that are in good shape, they should also be included. With the report in hand, it will be easy to negotiate the offer given by different companies.

Search for Cash For Cars Companies

Now that you have the report from a trusted person, search for car removal/cash for car companies near you. With varieties available, it is crucial to pick the right one.

Search on the internet and look at both the positive and the negative reviews. This will help you to weigh your options and gauge how reputable the organizations are.

Besides the reviews, consider the proximity since the nearer they are to the car, the quicker they can reach you.

Go through their website before settling on one. One of the other things to look out for is their experience. It must be extensive and evident.

Narrow Down On Some and Get Quotes

Narrow down on the reliable companies in your area. This is when to compare the quotes before settling on one.

The reason you should request quotes from several of them, in the beginning, is to gain the best deal. The rates for accident damaged cars are not always the same.

Give them the actual condition and details of the car as this is needed to get a quote. Make sure you negotiate for the best offer. The beauty of these quotes is that they are non-obligatory.

Getting Ready to Sell It

If the offer given by the buyer is attractive, it is at this point that you plan on handing the car over to them. The good thing is that they will tow the damaged car away.

Make sure that you have the relevant paperwork to prove you have the right to sell it. This is needed, even in its bad condition.

Before you hand it over, you must remember to remove your personal belongings. Check in all areas including the glove compartment and trunk.

What you do not have to worry about is cleaning the car. Just make it presentable but do not stress over cleaning it.

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How Will the Car Removal Company Value the Car?

No matter whether it has impact damage from a head on collision, the car can still make you money. Any impact that bends the steel frame of the car renders it an accident damaged vehicle.

It could be drivable but it has brake issues or does not run at all. The bottom line is that the buyer will consider a variety of factors.

They will check on electrical and mechanical issues, the value before the accident, the extent of the damage, and the current market demand, taking into consideration scrap metal prices.

Based on the condition of the car (extent of the damage), make, year of manufacture and model, the cash-for-cars company will determine the value. It means there is no standard amount for accident damaged cars and to make it even better, there will be no need to repair it.

Don’t Forget About the Minor Details

Being honest about the car’s accident history is crucial. This information is often recorded on a VIN check website. As you negotiate with the buyer, give detailed information.

Remember that car removal companies buy vehicles regardless of the condition. Despite the history, they will still purchase it.

The only difference in value would be the extent of the damage. Why is it important to be honest?

When the company representatives come to pick the car, they will have to inspect it. If its condition does not match what you gave them, the quote you accepted will not be valid.

They will buy it but at a lower rate. As such, giving honest information upfront is crucial to avoid such disappointments.

Also, get all the costs involved upfront. Are you paying for towing and are there any extra charges? Having the actual cost beforehand will prevent the frustrations of hidden fees.

You could be worried about the valuation and towing cost. Ask about it when getting the quotes. A good car removal company will be honest with its fees.


If your car was involved in an accident and can no longer be repaired, talk to a car removal company. Even if it is a write-off, it still has some value.

Get to identify the damages with the help of a trustworthy mechanic. You want to have an idea of how much it is worth before getting a quote from the buyer.

Look for reliable and reputable companies and narrow down on a few of them. Get quotes, terms, and conditions to compare. You should choose one that values convenience and gives you what the car is worth.

As an individual who wants to make money out of an accident damaged car, enquire if it will cost you. There could be charges such as towing fees.

Also, there will be no need to repair the car just to increase its value. You can sell it as-is.

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