How to Set Up Your Kitchen Before Staging a Home for Sale

The Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Kitchen Renovation

When staging a home for sale, the kitchen can make or break your deal. Homebuyers will look at the conditions of kitchen cabinets and appliances before finalizing the price. You may be tempted to renovate your space, but it can be a costly endeavor. Also, it may take months to redesign or renovate an outdated kitchen. 

You’ll need some expert help and guidance to go through this process without any glitches in the minimum time possible. Here are some ideas that may click with you and transform your kitchen into a homebuyer’s dream.

Clean, Wipe, and Sanitise

Kitchens are well used without any doubt. You can’t avoid the grease and dirt build-up on the countertops, shelves, and cabinets. If you want to attract the buyers, you have to make it sparkling clean and smelling fresh. You may take help from home staging experts to do an excellent cleaning job that removes greasy stains and odors from your kitchen. 

Clean the grout, windows, floors, and every nook of your space. Polishing the cookware and tap-ware adds a refined look while cook-top cleaning shows you’re hygienic. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the crumbs and cobwebs from the corners and wipe down the drawers and cabinets. 

If you have any blown bulbs in the kitchen, replace them, and clear the dishwasher to impress the potential buyers. All these require attention to detail. Hence you may hire the experts and leave it to them. 

Declutter the Space

Remember, any clutter is a significant hindrance when staging a home for sale. Your kitchen is not an exception. If you like to keep your appliances handy, take some time to organize them before staging to create positive impressions. Declutter the kitchen benches, fridge, and countertops. 

Remove your memos, magnets, and photos from the fridge. Also, clear the dirty dishes in the sink and tidy up the pantry. A buyer will be more interested if you show them a tidy kitchen where you can’t see sponges cluttering the sink counter or keys lying on the benchtops.

Add an Informal Dining Space

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If your kitchen is spacious, you can add an informal dining area for staging. It gives the homebuyers a vision about how they can use the space once they buy the home. 

You can add a simple dining table with chairs to use this space for demonstration. However, if your kitchen is small, a breakfast bar with stools will also work. These spaces look perfect for families to eat and spend time together at any time of the day. 

Add Some Accessories

With a few accessories, you can turn the space into a well-used and lived-in kitchen. For example, you can put a pot of cooking herbs on your window sill to show that the kitchen has space for indoor plants. 

You may also place some beautiful cookbooks on the benchtops and matching utensils in the open shelves to create a sense of space. Some fresh flowers will do the rest.

Use these ideas to add more appeal to your kitchen area when staging your home for sale.

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