How to spend the long wintertime at home 

the long wintertime

When it’s cold and dark outside, most people rather stay inside their houses. After Netflix and Co. finally start to annoy, new hobbies and activities are needed. In this article, we suggest ways to have fun at home, including thrilling adventures and joyful hobbies to spend the long wintertime in the cold winter. 

Escape Games

Escape rooms gained more and more popularity during the last years. Guessing together and solving difficult riddles as a team while being in a dark and suspenseful room offers a lot of fun and excitement. However, due to the worldwide situation, many escape room providers started to offer online escape games. These virtual escape adventures include questions that need to be answered, phone numbers that one needs to find out in order to get the next task and much more mysteries which are to be unveiled. Via web chats and video function, playing in groups is possible as well. Additionally, exit games and similar card versions of escape rooms are available. Those games can be bought in several stores and are played only once since parts of the game need to be cut off and put together in order to solve the tasks. All in all, these options seem to be the perfect activity for people who want to enjoy an adventure in the long wintertime in their cozy home. 

Try out new hobbies

One good idea of spending time at home is learning a new instrument. Several online training providers exist which teach you how to play the guitar or piano. An hour training a day and improvement will soon be hearable. Since studies recently proved that playing music is good for your brain, this is a perfect choice for dark afternoons and cold evenings in winter. Another way to spend hours both having fun and concentrating is puzzling. Since different sizes are available, the perfect puzzle for each level of skills can be found. (buy modafinil in canada) Puzzles with either different colors and images or with rather few contrasts challenge beginners or experienced puzzling experts. Another funny idea is to create an own puzzle. Special websites provide the opportunity to buy a puzzle with an own photograph on it. 

Apps for entertainment 

Nowadays, apps exist for almost everything. One can hardly think of issues and events where no app could be helpful. For people who love to stay at home but do not want to get bored, language training apps can be the solution. These offer the chance to improve the own language skills without staying abroad or having to go to a language course each week. Daily short lessons in vocabulary and pronunciation create fun and affect that the own skills are quickly improving. Additionally, brain jogging apps are available which train the concentration skills and reduce the likelihood for dementia in older years. Funny lessons and enjoyable quizzes make the learning process less exhausting. Lastly, gaming apps and sites are of course always an option and must not be missed on the list for entertaining evenings. A Multiplayer game like Fortnite, or League of Legends: Wild Rift are besides sports betting thrilling options. Especially online betting offers the opportunity to bet on sport, horse racing and e-sport competitions. Overviewing all options in the web allow an easier choice out of the huge number of providers. Websites like have scoured the web to list the best sites and rank the best sites and conditions.


How to spend the long wintertime at home 

When it’s cold and dark outside or a long wintertime, a cozy atmosphere needs to be created. This works best when turning the own room into a spa. Recipes for self-made facemasks and body peelings can be found online in huge numbers and variations. Moreover, massage tools can be bought which help against stress and muscle tensions. Some healthy food as a snack is also obligatory. Certain berries which are said to improve brain power are perfect for this occasion. Furthermore, a foam bath and essential body oils are helpful as well to create the perfect wellness experience. After relaxing body and soul, new power for the next day can be gathered. More ideas for spending leisure at home can be found on our website.


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