How to spice up your alone time with VR sex toys

your alone time

While we don’t always talk openly about watching porn while masturbating, the truth is that most of us have had a dabble to see what’s out there. While porn habits may have started out as having a flick through our dad’s old Playboys, technology has really grown exponentially from there and you can easily spice up your alone time.

The new world of virtual reality porn.

Welcome to the world of VR sex toys, where you can totally immersive yourself into the remote sexual experience, whether that’s through VR porn or remotely connecting with your partner.

The difference between porn and VR reality porn is that they shoot it in first person, which means you can see and feel sexual stimulation as if you were with them on set. A word of warning though, after experiencing this, watching plain porn videos on your device will not feel the same.

As the field progresses, there are plenty of options to choose from. As all the porn big shots are jumping on the VR bandwagon, you have more options of joining one of them for a monthly fee.

Having virtual reality sex for free?

If your budget is a problem, you can always try out free virtual reality porn by watching all the offerings on Pornhub. While it’s a great free offering, containing anything from straight to gay porn for men, women, and couples, etc., you may want to consider something more exciting if you’re not into ‘vanilla’ porn.

Connecting with your partner

While we are talking about alone time and how to pleasure yourself, virtual reality has opened up a way that you can have virtual sex with your partner, no matter how far apart you are.

Gone are the days of telephone sex or having naughty moments on Skype. These virtual reality sex toys can make you feel pleasure while chatting or connecting with your partner too. They can control the sensations you receive, making it unique and more intimate than simply masturbating while thinking of them.

Spicing up things by yourself

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If you don’t have a partner, there are also several ways to enjoy virtual reality sex by yourself by simply logging on to VR porn sites.  

If you’re new to the VR sex revolution, you’ll probably be surprised by the number of methods that are available to you. For instance, there is even an Apple Watch function that allows you some time for a sneaky wank.

How to ease into VR sex

One of the market leaders in the male masturbator field is Kiiroo, who offers a wide variety of virtual reality sex toys, from male only, female only, and ones for couples.

One of their exciting recent additions is the Hot Octopuss Award-winning Guybrator. This male sex toy can make you cum hands-free, while watching your favorite interactive content.

There are so many options available, though. 

Welcome to the new world of spicing up your alone time with the help of VR tools!


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