How to Stop Water Pooling Around Your Foundation

Stop Water Pooling

Does water make a pool around your foundation? It usually happens during heavy rain. You think it’s a cosmetic issue and try to solve it. Indeed it looks terrible, but this water pool can damage your foundation in a way never imagined. It’s time to know what causes the water pooling around your foundation and how to stop it.

Grading Depression

At the time of home construction, contractors build a proper grading all-around your home foundation. The terrain around your home slopes down from the building. Over the years, soil settlement affects this grading as it starts dripping down than surrounding soil. Grading is done to move outside water away from the foundation. 

However, when it becomes improper, water starts running toward the foundation due to this depression of soil and then absorbs into the dirt. 

Improper grading is the primary cause of foundation damage. You need to hire experts who explore the extent of damage and then do re-grading in a way that you won’t experience water pool anymore, find out here.

Clogged Gutters and downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are essential components of home water management. During heavy rain, gutter clog and cause water pools to build up all around the foundation. If your home is old, you need to hire contractors who install new gutters and develop the best downspouts extension plan.

 You can choose either 3 or 4 inches sizes of extension based on your home needs. When your gutter remains clean, it won’t clog, and it’s how you can fix the water pool all-around your home foundation.

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Poor Drainage System

Waterpool all-around your home foundation is an issue that needs a permanent solution. Therefore, foundation repair experts suggest exterior waterproofing services. They install a better water drainage system outside by digging the soil all around the home foundation. They connect this drainage with city gutters and drainage for proper water discharge. Investment in this system helps you keep water out of your basement. Thereby, you avoid water damage problems in both the home foundation and basement area. 

Sometimes, it’s not the outside water that causes foundation damage. The main culprit can be water flooding in the basement. You experience structural wall damage and soil expansion because water leaks in your basement. The structural wall repair company fixed this water issue with the interior drainage system. They waterproof the basement and make sure that water from inside doesn’t cause floor and ceiling damage. Overlooking water leaks in your basement means dealing with significant concerns like bowing walls.

Let Expert Decide the Solution

You are not an expert in the field; you don’t know what causes water pooling all around your home foundation. Therefore, you should get help from waterproofing services. They will inspect your space and then tell you what to do about it. Sometimes fixing grading is the best solution, while other times you need extensive waterproofing services that include proper drainage and gutter system installation.

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