How To Tell If You Need Trenchless Pipe Repair

Although no one likes to think about wastewater and sewer systems, it’s important for homeowners to be aware of the potential for problems with these pipes. Sometimes, it’s necessary to repair some sections of the damaged pipe. In the past, when an underground sewer pipe broke, the only way to repair it was to dig down and expose the problem. Now there’s a more efficient approach: trenchless pipe repair.

What Is Trenchless Pipe Repair?

Over the last few years, trenchless technology has made it possible to repair and replace underground pipes and sewer lines with minimal disruption to nearby property.

Trenchless sewer repair is a minimally invasive technique that repairs damaged drainage pipes without the need for massive excavation work. It is an alternative to traditional sewer repairs that saves both time and money. It’s also a more environmentally friendly option for homeowners who want to avoid having their yards torn up by traditional digging techniques.

Signs You Need Trenchless Pipe Repair

Here are some things to look for that might indicate a damaged sewer line:

  • Consistent Backups & Blockages – If you hear consistent backups in your toilet, tub, or sink, it might be a sign of an underground problem, such as tree root interference or a pipe misalignment.
  • Sewer Odors Outside – Smelling sewer gases around your home means that something is wrong with the system. The sewage line should be airtight except for a vent in the roof to allow waste to move down. (
  • Sewer Seepage in Yard – If you notice sewage pooling in your yard or an outdoor area, it’s probably because there’s a problem with the piping system.
  • Slow Drainage – If your drains are taking longer than usual to drain and you notice that your toilet is backing up, it may be time for repair. These issues can lead to much bigger problems down the line.
  • Landscape Changes – If you spot a particularly lush patch of grass, it’s possible that there’s a sewage leak nearby. Sewage contains nutrients that can help plants grow more abundantly.
  • Aged Septic Systems – As homes age, they are susceptible to corrosion and rust. The longer a pipe has been in use, the greater the chance of corrosion and rust eating away at the pipe.
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Trenchless pipe repair Chicago is a growing field that offers many benefits to both homeowners and businesses. If you’re experiencing a problem with your sewer pipes, it may be time to consider trenchless sewer technology.

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