How to Wash Pillows and why it’s Important to Clean them?

how to wash pillows

We all use pillows every night to rest our heads, but how often do we wash them? The question ‘how to wash pillows‘ might sound a bit simple, but it is not, especially if you’re not an expert in pillows. We regularly wash our bedsheets, but sadly, we do not care much about our pillows. However, pillows also need regular washing as they can a lot of dirt, bacteria, and fungi. Now, you must be thinking about washing your pillow but is it that easy? 

The washing of any pillow depends on its type, whether it’s a foam pillow or an ordinary fiberfill pillow. This article will describe all those methods and reasons why you should wash your pillows regularly. Let’s understand them one by one. 

How to wash standard fiberfill pillows?

how to wash pillows
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In case you have some fiberfill pillows at home, and you’re wondering about how to wash them. Well, then your job is already quite comfortable. Most of these fiberfill pillows are easy to clean in a washing machine. Now, you have to grab your pillows and throw them in your washing machine. Many pillows also have washing instructions written on their tag as well. Thus, make sure you check and follow those steps carefully. 

In case your pillow doesn’t have any instructions, then follow these steps to wash your pillow carefully: 

  • Step 1: Make sure you are using lukewarm water and choose a gentle cycle on your washing machine. 
  • Step 2: Then add some detergent according to your personal choice. 
  • Step 3: After the cycle is done, make sure that you dry your pillows properly. Remember that ordinary fiberfill pillows take more time than any other clothes to dry. You can also choose to leave them in sunlight for a few hours to keep them fresh and fluffy. 

Now that we have learned about fiberfill pillows, let’s know how to wash foam pillows. 

How to wash pillows made of foam? 

how to wash pillows
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Now, you cannot throw your foam pillows in a washing machine like fiberfill pillows. But, you can still clean them with your hands gently and make sure they are germs free. Also, foam pillows are resistant to dust, but it’s always advised to clean them once in four or five months. Follow these instructions to wash them correctly: 

  • First, remove the pillowcase and use a vacuum cleaner to soak any dust or dirt on both sides of the pillow. 
  • Now, soak your foam pillow in hot water and add any detergent according to your choice. 
  • Now, rinse it out and make sure that you dry your foam pillow properly. In case you still see a spot with dirt, then use a piece of cloth dipped in detergent to get rid of it. (thenewspocket)  

How often should you wash your pillows? 

After learning about how to wash pillows properly, another question that arises is how often you should clean them? The technical answer is to wash them once every four or five months at least. Thus, if your pillow is washed correctly three or four times in a year, then it’s relatively clean. In case you want to give an extra touch of freshness to your pillows, then follow these methods: 

  • Make sure you’re restoring the shape of your pillows regularly. Doing this can help you remove dust from your pillows, and they might get their soft touch. 
  • After learning about washing pillows, we are sure it’s not that hard for you to clean them. Thus, make sure they’re getting their regular washing as well. 
  • Lastly, it’s essential to dry out your pillows after every washing. Make sure that you are drying your pillows on good heat for a decent amount of hours.

Remember, even with the protective pillowcases, and your pillow can still be filled with dust mites, body oil, and bacteria from your saliva. At the same time, you might not realize it. It is all next to your face. No one wants that.

Exposure to these sorts of contaminants regularly can cause illness and allergies to spread up. However, if you still think that it is a small amount of junk, you are mistaking it. Your pillow is likely to double its weight in a time. The reason behind that is dust, bacteria, and even dead skin cells, while we sleep on it.

Now that you know the facts, you might feel that washing pillows would be a challenging task. But relax a bit, as washing pillows are surprisingly more manageable than you can think.

Washing protocol for pillows.

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If you already use a pillow protector, then you might need to wash your pillows just twice a year. But you would need to wash your pillow protectors quite often. However, there are times when you might need to wash your pillows more than just twice. Let’s say, if you have oily skin or scalp or use lotion over your face in your night skincare routine, you might need to wash it frequently. Another reason includes having pets. If you have pets and they sleep along your side. Moreover, if you were recently sick with a cold or contagious disease, it is best to clean your pillows each other month.

So now that you have to wash your pillows, you might wonder how to was it? Well, for one, the instructions given on your pillow’s tag is essential. The reason behind that is, while the chances are high that yours might be washable, you need to be aware of the filling that your pillow has. You cannot wash all kinds of the pillow in a machine.

For feather and synthetic material pillows, warm water is considered the best and safe, along with a mild detergent. Using a washing machine on two per load with the gentle cycle will keep your pillows safe. However, rinse your cushions one extra time to get rid of the soap.

Now that you have washed your pillows drying them needs your attention as well. Use a low heat cycle to get rid of all the possible moisture of it. Please take a note in your mind that it might take a few cycles to get rid of the dampness. It is mandatory to get rid of the humidity, leading to mold growth in your pillow.

How to know that it’s time to replace your pillows?

It doesn’t matter how attentive you are about the cleanliness of your pillow. You would need to buy new ones sooner or later. The easiest way to know that it’s time to toss them: if you fold your pillow into half and it doesn’t get back to its original shape. Then, it’s time for you to go on shopping. Another way is if your pillow has a foul odor even after giving it a good wash. Then it will be an excellent notion to change them. To give your cushions a prolonged life, use liners under your pillowcases. Moreover, wash pillows every four to six months.

Concluding on how to wash pillows

We hope you have learned how to wash pillows and why it is essential for you to make sure they are clean enough. Remember that whether you always keep your pillowcases clean doesn’t mean that your pillows are clean. Moreover, make sure you are switching to new pillows after a certain amount of time. 


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