Ideas for Your Next Family Reunion

Ideas for Your Next Family Reunion

Summer is always filled with lots of things to do as people are out enjoying the weather and their free time without restrictions of school and after-school sports and clubs. With all that free time and nice weather, it’s also the perfect time to plan a family reunion to make sure that your extended family can get together for a few hours or days.

It can be difficult planning a family reunion, though, especially when you’ve got a big family and all their different schedules to consider. These ideas can help make planning your next family reunion a breeze keystone rv dealer near me.

Visit a national park.

Many families want to visit someplace they haven’t been to before. The US national parks provide plenty of space and activities for everyone to participate in.

Zion National Park is one of the most visited national parks. It has the Zion Scenic Byway, where you can ride bikes or drive cars through the park and see the beauty without having to hike—perfect for younger children and those young at heart but less than able in the body to venture on the trails. For those who can hike, there are options for beginners, as well as more advanced hikers.

Zion National Park lodging is also plentiful with options for vacation homes, cabins, glamping or camping. The variety allows for small and large families to find the option that works best for them.

Play lawn games.

If you’re only spending a few hours together, find a park and set up lawn games. It’s a good way for everyone to still socialize with each other without just sitting at picnic tables.

Turn up the competition and make each game so that families can earn points and are presented with awards or medals at the end of the reunion.

Display a day-in-the-life slide show.

Everyone can take a selfie – even grandma and grandpa. Have each family take selfie pictures and assign a tech-savvy family member to put together a slide show. Present the slide show at the reunion so that everyone can see what each family does in a typical day. You may discover similarities that you didn’t know about!

Try an RV.

You may want to consider using an RV during your next family reunion. Search around for different RV financing options and you can get the benefit of your transportation plus the benefits and privacy of a home.

Perhaps you caravan down with several RVs or campers so that you can circle up in a joint outdoor space. This allows your family to socialize and interact but not disturb each other. You can even save some money by cooking some good meals for the family rather than having to eat out for every meal.

Make a family reunion book.

The best part of a family reunion is the memories you make. Don’t let those memories be forgotten. Make a photo book of pictures from the reunion with some captions. Then, share the link with the rest of the family in case anyone else wants to order a book.

Participate in a family trivia game.

Some of the younger members of the family may not know the older members very well. Create your own family trivia game by using a variety of questions to learn new things about different family members. You’ll be surprised how much the answers bring out stories that you’ve never heard before (and maybe some that you may want to forget!).

Family reunions are about having fun while building relationships. As long as you’re focused on these goals, it is easy to plan a great reunion that everyone will appreciate.

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