Innovative Interior Design Ideas Using Wood And Laminates

Innovative Interior Design Ideas

With the ever changing Innovative Interior Design Ideas and preferences, interior designing perspective has broadened widely in the last few years. You see a plethora of design styles and themes with each year more and more styles being added in the list of trending options. The pantone color of the year also influences the various styles each year and you may find yourself in a fix of how to go about when choosing design themes for your home.   visit here

However, one trend that has carried on irrespective of how many new additions are made is the use of wood in various elements of the design. Wood offers such a class and exquisite outlook to any interior that just blows your mind. Whether it is the Scandinavian theme, modern, minimalist, industrial, classic, or contemporary style, wood can be incorporated in them to elevate the interior even further. The timeless beauty and grace of wood is unmatchable!

Now the reality of the matter is that wood is expensive and therefore, incorporating lots of wooden elements in the design can make your budget touch the sky which may not be affordable for you. The solution? Laminates! Thankfully, laminate has proved to be a very good alternative for wood and at a much lesser price. Therefore, you can still achieve the beauty and grace of wood at a much lesser price. In fact, laminate offers even more design options to you in the form of its color, grain, patterns, glossy, and matte finish.

So let’s go through a few innovative ideas where you can use wood or laminates to uplift your interior’s appearance and make your home an epitome of beauty! These ideas are inspired from the various designs by one of the best interior designers such as Swiss Interior which is a leading interior design firm in Singapore. They offer creative and beautiful interior design solutions by keeping the clients’ requirements and budgets in consideration. 

Add Full Length Laminate Panels In The Living Room- Innovative Interior Design Ideas

One creative way of adding wood or laminates into your home is to add full length panels of them in the lounge. You can add them in front of one wall of the lounge or you can designate a small area in the living room that is bordered by these full length laminate walls. This area can be used for storage purposes, or you can even create a comfortable nook there by adding comfortable chairs, sofas, and a small coffee table. This designated space can also serve as a study room. Consider the following image of a portfolio designed by Swiss Interior where they have used full-length laminate walls to create a partition in the living room. They have also added a showcase shelf in between the laminate partitions to create a beautiful effect. The spotlights and indirect lighting further add a whimsical touch to this interior. Instead of laminate, you can even choose wood in such a design

Add A Creative Showcase Shelf Made Of Wood- Innovative Interior Design Ideas

Another innovative idea for incorporating wood into the interior is to create a wooden showcase shelf that can be decorated with different art pieces and plants. However, the trick here is not to create a simple wooden shelf but add some other elements that give it a wow factor. As an inspiration, take a look at the following image of a portfolio design by Swiss Interior. Here, we see that a ceiling to floor showcase shelf is created which is a masterpiece of carpentry. It comprises shelves of varying sizes to help break the monotony. A few white covered shelves create the perfect balance with the dark wood color of the other shelves. Each shelf is also illuminated with an LED warm light which elevates the appearance a few notches further. The overall effect is that of a unique and elegant showcase shelf that has perfectly used the wood, lights, and carpentry. Just notice how easily you can tweak certain designs to make them even more beautiful and classy.


Go All Laminates In The Kitchen

One more area of the house where you can add wood or laminate is the kitchen. And we are not talking about adding them in some elements while keeping the others neutral; we are saying to go all in! The cabinets, shelves, floors, walls, all should display the wood texture and color in some form. But obviously, this much wooden textures and colors can become a little too much for the eyes. So the solution in such a case is to use different color shades whenever possible and use varying forms of lighting to accentuate certain areas while keeping the other areas dark. As an example, notice in the following image of a kitchen design by Swiss Interior how they have added laminate shelves and cabinets but balanced out the brown color by choosing black marble countertops and cabinet borders. The floor is also kept a different shade of brown to add layers of visual illusion.


Use Laminates And Wood Patterns In The Bedroom

When choosing laminate for the house, the bedroom should not be ignored. Instead of just opting for a wooden or laminate bed, incorporate it in the cupboards, shelves, doors, and floors. In the following image of a bedroom designed by Swiss Interior, we can see a cupboard that is made of laminate with very distinctive wood patterns that create a unique outlook in the bedroom. Also notice how the door, cupboards, and floors all have different shades of brown and gray that help bring character and depth in the design. 


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