Is a Tesla Wrap Worth It? What to Know

Tesla Wrap Worth

Tesla is a solid car for its price tag. It’s a car that you labored to afford and feel so proud of once you do. Who wouldn’t want to be known for driving around in a vehicle you’ve worked so hard to sit behind the wheel? 

The only problem you might come across is the decision of what color you want to go with. If you’re someone who’s used to expressing themselves through the color of their car, you might have a little difficulty. This is why a Tesla wrap is a great idea for your vehicle. 

Unsure if a wrap is worth it for your Tesla? Let’s take a look at why it is and how it can help you customize your vehicle. 

A Means of Protection

If you’re leasing or even if you’ve just bought your car, wrapping it might have crossed your mind. Wrapping a Tesla keeps your car safe from any exterior damage that may present itself. It is a way of putting a barrier between any dings or scratches that might affect your paint job. 

A car wrap can be a great way to keep your car looking new for as long as possible. The last thing you want as a new car owner is those tiny marks against your paint job. 

Paintless Paint Job

Not only is a vinyl car wrap a great layer of protection for your vehicle, but it is also a means of expressing yourself. Tesla colors can be bland and very conforming. When you decide to wrap your vehicle, you add color to it. Supreme Wraps can help you to find the best fit for your car. 

With a vinyl car wrap, you have plenty of options and styles to choose from. 

Less Costly Upkeep

If you’re looking for a great way of protecting your car that is going to last, then a vinyl car wrap is one of the best decisions you can make. After the initial cost and installment, this wrap holds up for years to come. With gentle wear and tear on high-touch surfaces, your car will be able to withhold plenty of surface damage. 

The biggest cost is choosing the type of vinyl you’re looking for when it comes to your Tesla. With so many options and prints, you’re in for a difficult decision. 

Bring Some Life to Your Car With a Tesla Wrap

The primary colors of the Tesla can hinder you when making your purchase but it doesn’t have to. When you use a Tesla wrap, you can bring your personality to your car. Forget those primary colors that don’t bring you as much joy as your expression. 

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