Is CCIE lab open?

Is CCIE lab open?

CCIE exams are also known as Cisco Certified Networking Experts. CCIE exams of certification ensure a person needs to appear in a series of tests and clear the tests in the labs. The technical certifications tests are conducted so that the senior networking professionals are awarded. 

In CCIE certifications, written exams are conducted, and candidates have to pass the lab tests. These tests include the most complex branches of networking. The majority of the thousands of networking professionals pass through these exams to get the rewards and certificates of a CCIE. However, unlike other fields globally, CCIE and the new CCIE lab are equally affected by the global COVID pandemic. The global COVID pandemic has affected the CCIE labs, and these labs are closed.

Things included in the CCIE exam

CCIE exams are high-quality and the most challenging exams. The candidates go through a series of tough programs. In a CCIE exam, the candidates pass a lot of complex tests that are related to networking. The candidate has to spend at least 8 hours in CCIE labs and perform several challenges. The challenges are related to networking, such as maintaining, designing a network, troubleshooting, and implementing the tests for different networking infrastructures. 

The candidates have to pass a CCIE lab exam. The professional networking candidates have to pass lab exams along with written exams. The tests should occur within a certain period of 18 months after the CCIE lab exam.

Is CCIE lab open?

Like the rest of the industries in the world, CCIE lab exams and tests are also equally affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. The safety of staff, professionals, and CCIE labs is equally required. Therefore, a lot of CCIE labs are closed. The closing and opening of CCIE labs in the world are scheduled according to the pandemic situation in the world.

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The CCIE labs are closed in those countries where the rate of the current pandemic situation is higher. However, CCIE labs are opened by following appropriate SOPs where the pandemic situation is under control. You can get certain information about the pandemic situation about the CCIE exam and opening of labs.

Cisco labs in different cities, such as Dubai, Brussels, Richardson, and Beijing, the CCIE labs are opened from 1st September 2021. The labs are opened by considering and following the proper SOPs. However, in those countries where the global pandemic is increasing dangerously, CCIE labs are closed. 

A person should know about the current pandemic situation in his country to know about the opening and closing of CCIE labs. If the CCIE labs are closed in your country or region, it is the right time for you to prepare for the CCIE exam. You can get help from genuine platforms to know about the complexity of exams and appropriate ways to make your clearance a 100%. Do you know Which CCIE lab is most demanded in 2021?

After knowing about the practical and lab exams of CCIE, you might be looking for the best ways to prepare for your exams. All you need is to visit to know the rest of the details. You should ensure your clearance on the first attempt. A person can have help regarding the exams, locating the CCIE lab, and preparing the material regarding the CCIE exam. All you need is to get yourself registered and pass the CCIE exam in the first attempt to become a professional.

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The bottom line

These are some of the most significant things that you need to know about CCIE exams and labs. CCIE exams are one of the most professional certifications that a person requires to become a senior professional. Cisco professionals have a lot of labs in the countries. In recent years, cisco labs have been closed because of pandemics. Now, as the pandemic situation has started to improve, the labs are open according to schedules and SOPs.

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