Istanbul Real Estate: Buying Property in Turkey

Many people prefer to buy property in Turkey since the country offers several attractions. Some of these are the unique and friendly culture, delicious cuisine, and a great landscape. Another reason that foreigners are interested in Turkish real estate is that it leads to citizenship as well.

Among other cities in Turkey, Istanbul is the most popular option for property purchases among foreigners. It’s also the largest city in Turkey. The real estate sector keeps growing in the city as well.

In this article, you’ll find detailed information about buying a house in Istanbul, including the benefits and steps of doing so. 

Advantages of Buying Property in Istanbul

Buying Istanbul real estate will benefit you in many ways including the potential to become a citizen. 

Let’s look at each of these advantages below:

  • Buying property in Turkey can lead you to get Turkish citizenship if you buy property worth at least $400,000. You can buy it anywhere in Turkey including Istanbul. 
  • The process of a real estate purchase is very fast. You can complete the process within one-two month, and become a Turkish citizen.
  • The cost of living in Istanbul is affordable for foreigners. Likewise, buying property in Istanbul is also affordable enough. 
  • You have many options for property types in Istanbul, including villas, apartments, and residences. Also, properties with sea views are also available.
  • The demand for real estate in Turkey is huge. So, you may get high yields in the future out of your Istanbul real estate investment. 

How To Buy Istanbul Real Estate

It’s a fast process to buy Turkey real estate, including properties in Istanbul. Find the necessary steps below:

  • The first step is to determine the location where you will buy your property. After that, you can contact an agency for details. You can also come to Turkey to visit types of Istanbul real estate.
  • Then, choose your property, and agree on the price and the terms of the purchase. 
  • Later, you need to reserve the property you’re buying. It’s around $1,300 to reserve it. It will later be deducted from the total property price. 
  • At this step, you can hire a lawyer and finalize the purchase of your real estate in Turkey. In this way, you don’t need to visit Turkey. 
  • Finally, you’ll get the title deed called TAPU in Turkish. 

Buying Property in Istanbul: Things To Know

Istanbul offers countless benefits for the ones who plan to buy Turkey real estate. The city has amazing places to eat and drink, as well as dynamic nightlife. You also have various options when it comes to healthcare and education services. 

Also, cultural diversity is another quality that stands out about this city. In addition, you can find expat communities as well. The location of the city also allows you to travel to Europe easily. 

There are some issues to consider before you buy an Istanbul property for sale. Let’s check them below:

  • Knowing about the neighborhood of your property will help you a lot. You may want to check if public transportation is possible nearby. Or, you may want to know if there are schools for your children to go to. Searching the neighborhood will also allow you to compare property prices in other areas. 
  • Having a general idea about Istanbul real estate prices will help you in negotiating your property price as well. So, make research about such prices before you start finding a property for yourself. It’s also advisable to know about property taxes in Turkey. 
  • Consulting a professional like a real estate agent is highly advisable. They’ll help you in preparing the documentation and finalize the process.  

Where To Buy Istanbul Real Estate

You may want to know about the neighborhoods in Istanbul before you buy Turkey real estate. For this reason, check the following list of the most popular areas in Istanbul:


  • Cihangir: It’s known for its architecture, great cafes, nightclubs, and museums. Cihangir has always been a popular area in Istanbul. 
  • Nisantasi: Nisantasi is another popular area for living in Istanbul. It’s popular with several shopping options, and it’s a high-end district. Nisantasi is also one of the central areas of Istanbul.
  • Sariyer: Unlike Cihangir and Nisanstasi, Sariyer is a more tranquil neighborhood for buying a house in Turkey. It’s located by the sea, so you can enjoy your dinners with a sea view.
  • Bebek: Bebek is also a luxurious area located by the sea. Unlike Sariyer, it’s a more central area. Tourists have a great interest in this area as well. 


So, come and buy your property today if the city sounds like your dream!

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