It’s Time to Move on – Dolan Twins on Their Latest Announcement

It’s Time to Move on Dolan Twins

The Dolan Twins, on 9th October 2019, uploaded a video on their YouTube channel that has garnered a lot of eyeballs in the span of two days. In the video, the Dolan Twins have a long and heartfelt conversation with fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson where they discuss the fate of their YouTube career. Read on to find out what went on in the hour-long video and what is It’s Time to Move on – Dolan Twins all about.

It’s Time To Move on – Dolan Twins

The Dolan Twins uploaded a video on their official YouTube channel which has more than 10.6 million subscribers. The video titled “It’s Time To Move On..” has already got 6.1 million views within the last two days. In the video, the Dolan Twins announce their decision to stop posting their weekly videos as it had started to take a toll on them. The twins discuss their thoughts with Shane, who fully supports their decision and gives them some valuable advice.

Ethan and Grayson Dolan’s Background

Ethan and Grayson Dolan, more popularly known as the Dolan Twins, rose to prominence in 2013 with their funny videos. The American Duo has been posting regularly since then and upload a new video every Tuesday. Their videos comprise of funny situations, pranks, and collaborations with other famous YouTubers. The twins have been active on YouTube since they were 14 and five years since then, they have decided to cut themselves some slack and be flexible with their YouTube posting schedule.

The Last Intro

At the beginning of the video, the twins seem somber and it is clear that they are about to talk about something serious. They hint at the fact that this will be their “last intro” but don’t give away anything other than that. They mention that they have been mulling over this decision for a long time and have finally decided that now is the right time to announce it to their fans.

The Conversation with Shane

Ethan and Grayson reveal that they have been texting Shane and have been discussing their plans with him. They decide to meet up at Shane’s house and have a proper conversation which will help them go through their decision. Shane is an experienced YouTuber and has had his shares of ups and downs in his life. The twins feel that he will be the best person to guide them in their decision.

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The twins head over to Shane’s house and reveal to the fans that they will be having the conversation on video. This way the fans got involved and understood what was going on through their minds. When the twins pull up at Shane’s driveway, Shane comments that this is actually the first time they have met in person. They go inside the house and settle for a long and vulnerable talk ahead.

1. Talking about not posting Tuesday videos anymore

The twins hadn’t revealed at this point what this video was about. It seemed that they were at a loss for words and struggling to make sense of the whole situation. They finally decide to lift the suspense and announce that they won’t be uploading their regular Tuesday videos.

They started talking about how they got into the YouTube business at a very young age and now they feel that they have somehow lost track of life. Further, they said that they started feeling quite overwhelmed and felt that the videos and their hectic shooting schedules took a major toll on their personal lives. The stress of posting new and unique content week after week makes it hard to think of anything else. Ethan mentioned that at 19 years, they feel as if they haven’t progressed personally and how it confuses and troubles him when someone asks him what they are planning to do in their future.

2. Being negligent to family life

Shane is seen to be understanding and talks about his own experiences. He asks the twins how being YouTubers has affected their personal lives. The twins tell him that they have lost many friendships and have had no time for their family. They also open up about their dad’s death and how they struggled to grieve over their loss. Further, they were immersed in their shooting as well as being present for their family during a difficult time and it didn’t give them time to process their father’s death. They felt that they have kept a lot of emotions buried up and it has affected their mental health in more ways than one.

3. Shane’s advice

Shane advises the twins to take time off and live outside of the YouTube world. He tells them to explore themselves and the world. He asks them to travel, make some new connections and hang out with friends, and expand life experiences. Shane also reassures the twins that posting less frequently will help them in generating better ideas and delivering better content to their fans.

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The twins agree and tell him that they don’t want to make videos just for the sake of it and want to deliver better content instead of trying to morph into their fake YouTube persona. Shane tells them that posting less frequently will only make fans eager and they will look forward to their new videos. He also tells them that their fans will understand their reasons and won’t be disappointed as they are doing it for their mental health.

At the end of their chat, the twins are relieved and have come to terms with their decision fully and are convinced that they are doing the right thing. They thank Shane for helping them resolve their thoughts and feelings and are back in their zone. The conversation was quite intense and personal but at the end of it, Shane and twins are back to their cheerful selves and are joking around and discussing their future plans.

A Touching Tribute

Towards the end of the video, the twins head back to their studio where they shot most of their videos and demolish it to indicate a brand new start for them. This is also when they reveal that they have commemorated their YouTube journey of five years by getting matching tattoos. The twins have uploaded their videos every Tuesday for five years and so they got a tattoo of a calendar with the Tuesday marked in red to indicate the significance of Tuesdays. The gesture is touching and it shows how their YouTube career will always be close to their heart and an inseparable part of them.

Final thoughts

The twins seemed excited about their new journey now that they don’t have the stress of shooting and prepping for every Tuesday upload. They are only 19 years old and have a long life ahead of them. It will be interesting to see what the future has in store for them and they will surely achieve something great with their determination and perseverance.

The Dolan twins are talented and wonderful and all of their fans wish them the best in their journey to make their lives better. It’s Time to Move on – Dolan Twins was an important announcement in the YouTube community also goes on to show that behind the glitz and glamour, life can be quite daunting and overwhelming. Thus, it is very important to take a break every now and then, just like the Dolan twins did.

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