Jacy Nittolo Age

Jacy Nittolo Age


If you are a researcher and want to study the people who have been successful in their lives, then you must go for the individual working in the entertainment sector. Jacy Nittolo age will help you figure out that age is just a number and the effect of this number is almost zero for the individuals making a career in the entertainment sector.

Now you might be wondering why it is so. To rise to the heights of fame, you must have a unique skill. Other than that, there are no requirements. This is precisely why the facts such as the age and other personal details are nothing but an eye wash.

The only thing that will help you figure out what is going on in the personal life of the famous star is the personal profile. If we talk about the age of the stars, we will come to know that this number is sometimes more complex than it seems. In this article, you will get all the desired details regarding Jacy Nittolo Age.

Who is Jacy Nittolo

Female figures have always been the star of the eye, especially if they are breathtakingly beautiful. Now, if we talk about the person in question, we will know that Jacy is none other than a famous entrepreneur and hairstylist from America.

The reason for fame

Although there are many characteristics for which she is known, the most important thing for her is that she is also a celebrity life partner. Most of the public knows her for being the fiancée of the famous Ray Liotta. Now, if we dive deeper into her career profile, we will discover that she is also a famous podcaster and a businesswoman.

The personal life details

The birth details

Now it is time to discuss the famous star’s personal details to help satisfy the public’s information craving. Thus, if we go through the details, we will know that the famed hairstylist opened her eyes in this world on 26th September 1974. Now, if we make some back calculations, we will come to know that she is currently standing at the age of 47 years.

Place of birth and zodiac sign

If we talk about the place of birth of the famous star, then we will come across the name Malibu, California, USA. The date of birth guides us regarding the zodiac sign of the star partner that is Libra

Some special personal aspects

Now some other personal aspects need your attention. The nationality of the famous entrepreneur and hairstylist is American. Also, if we move on, we will find that she is ethnically mixed. Talking about the star partner’s religious beliefs, we will learn that the famous hairstylist believes in the teachings of Christianity.

The family details

You might be wondering about the family of the famed star.  Thus, we will know that she lives in a joint family system. But if we talk about her parents’ names, we are currently in the dark. Also, if we talk about the famed star’s siblings, we will know that she had a brother who unfortunately died in an accident.

The parents details

There is currently no information available regarding the parents of the famous star partner. Now what we do know is the names of the family members. The list goes on and on, and it contains all the joint family members.

The relationship life

Looking into the relationship life always gives you an advantage because this brings you closer to your favorite stars. Now, if we talk about the love partner of the famous social media influencer, then we will come to know that she was the fiancée of Ray Liotta. You surely know this name because he is a famous actor.

The relationship details

Now, if we talk about the details, both partners have been in this relationship for quite some time. Also, if we talk about Jacy, we will know that the camera eye has spotted her along with her fiancée at several events.

The past relationship of Ray

This was not the first time when Ray was going to be married. His profile helps us understand that he has been married in the past too. The name of his former wife is Michelle Grace. Also, he has a daughter from her too. The name of the daughter is Karsen Liotta.

The past relationship of Jacy

Ray is not the only one who has a past relationship history. The details help us understand the fact that Jacy has also been married in the past. The name of her former husband is Joseph “Joey” Nittolo. Joseph is also a filmmaker, and if we talk about their relationship life, we will know that she is the mother of 4 kids from her former life partner.

Kids of Jacy

The names of the kids are being mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Dax Nittolo
  • Chazz Nittolo
  • Joey Nittolo Jr.
  • Jade Nittolo

The physical profile

It is important that since we are talking about the famed female personality, we should make sure that we get our hands on the physical profile of the star.

The physical measurements

According to the available details, the height of the famed Jacy Nittolo is marked as 5 feet and 8 inches. By switching the scales, the answer that we get is 172 cm. If we talk about the famed star’s weight mark, we will know that she weighs approximately 60 Kg or 132 pounds. With her blonde hair and brown eyes, she is surely an angel fallen from heaven.

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Jacy Nittolo age helps us understand that the famed star is 47 years old. Although her look says that she is a lot younger than the age mark mentioned. (Zolpidem) We hope that in the near future, we will get more details regarding her personal life.

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