John Force Net Worth

John Force Net Worth

Throughout the history of drag racing, few names are synonymous with success as that of John Force and his ilk. John Force is well-known not just as a racer and team owner but also as a media figure. Many people are interested in John Force net worth because of his fame and success off the track.

John Force net worth

John Force net worth is $20 million.
He pulls in $4,000 every year.  His monthly salary is $32,000, and his weekly take-home pay is $8,000.
Despite his notoriety and success, John Force has retained his humility and dedication to his profession. He’s still in the thick with his racing team and putting in time at the track.

Early Life

John Harold Force is a 72-year-old man born on May 4, 1949. John is of American ancestry and was born in Bell Gardens, California. He also follows the Christian faith. Because of his birth on May 4, he is a Taurus.
His biological guardians are John’s parents, Harold Force and Betty Ruth Force. Similarly, he had a younger sister called Dana Marino and four elder brothers named Walker, Louie, Tom, and Cindy Hem. John’s brothers Walker and Louie, have also worked for the company. John spent his childhood on migrant farms, trailer parks, and Indian reservations.


In 1971, John Force began his professional career. His first “funny vehicle,” a Night Stalker Mustang, was purchased that year. Similarly, John raced a Corvette and a Monza in his early career before switching to an Oldsmobile Cutlass in the 1980s and keeping it until 1993.
Once John won an NHRA event in 1987, he became a household name. Since then, success has come more quickly, culminating in John’s first Funny Car championship in 1990. He had one of the top teams in the league back then.
After that, John won ten consecutive Funny Car championships from 1993 to 2002. As a result, John became well-known and popular, too.
In 2015, His Racing and Chevy announced their collaboration. John fought the same year to get a sponsorship arrangement from Peak Antifreeze.
John’s 25-race winless skid ended on August 4, 2019, when he won his 150th race at the Magic Dry Organic Absorbent NHRA Northwest Nationals. In the same year, he also triumphed in the U.S. Nationals.
John finished second in the 2020 season opening in Pomona, California. But unfortunately, because of the pandemic of COVID-19, John and his squad sat out the rest of the 2020 season after competing in just two tournaments.

John Force Racing Organization

Driving was John Force’s primary source of income. Yet, driving is optional for him to make money in this organization. He needs merely pick out the top operators. He was fortunate in that he could recognize competent motorists. His team’s success was mainly due to the efforts of drivers like Tony Pedregon, Robert Hight, and Brittany Force. The company’s main source of revenue does not come from racing. Auto Week claims its revenue comes from the support of industry sponsors. Sponsors anticipate financial gain as well, given that this is an investment. So, the firm must succeed for the sponsors to recoup their investment. To bring in funding, John Force Racing uses similar strategies. The firm promotes its investors in places like social media and auto exhibitions. After some investors have had this experience, they will gladly encourage others to do the same.

He is the Proud Owner of a Stone Mansion in California

The home sits on a steep slope. Its spacious and lengthy length affords visitors breathtaking views of Catalina and the Ocean. There are eight bedrooms, a wine cellar, a gym, a sauna, and a formal living room with a grand piano and a sauna. Outside the house, guests may enjoy the swimming pool and fountain.
In an interview, John said the total cost of construction was at least $10 million. The home could sell for a lot more if it had additional amenities. However, John and his wife continue to reside in the house. Thus it is unlikely that they will sell. There are other uses for the home than housing. The museum occupies a portion of the home. The museum has hosted vehicle sales and business conferences. But there is more to the museum than just cars. John hosts receptions, conventions, and parties there. Once in a while, he shoots movies there.

Brand Endorses

Among the many companies whose products John has promoted on television, we can include Chevy, ARP Bolts, PEAK, the University of Northwestern Ohio, Castrol Oil, the National Hot Rod Association, Traxxas, and E3 Spark Plugs.

Successes and Honors

His list of achievements is rather long. These are just a few of his many accolades and accomplishments:
There have been 16 champions in the NHRA Funny Car division.
Lee Iacocca’s name graces the Lee Iacocca Award. He finished his career with 151 wins—a twenty-one-time winner of the Champion Automobile Owners’ Championship.
John Force is a multi-award-winning champion. In 1984, he took home the title of AHRA Funny Car Champion. Similarly, John won the NHRA Funny Car Championship 16 times between 1990 and 2013. Additionally, in 2003, 2009, 2017, and 2019, John was also the NHRA Champion Owner.

Disputes and Gossip

When competing with driver Tony Pedregon in the contentious 2009 race, he was penalized $1k for physical contact with an NHRA official.
In the national semifinals, he competed against colleague Robert Hight.
If Robert had won, he would have advanced to Countdown to One, but John’s victory would have sent Pedregon there instead.

John dived to help Hight win and reach the playoffs.

Private Matters

John and Laurie Force have been married since September 26, 1981. John’s three daughters, Brittany Force, Courtney Force, and Ashley Force Hood, are all the products of this union. In the past, Ashley competed in drag races driving a Top Fuel Funny Car. John was also previously married, from November 22, 1968, until 1972, to a woman named Lana Bonee. He also had a daughter from this marriage, Adria Force.


Who earns the most money as an NHRA driver?

To the tune of $20 million, John Force is the net worth of American drag racer, Funny Car driver, and vehicle owner John Force. As a driver, John Force has won the NHRA championship 16 times, and as a car owner, he has won 21 times. He runs John Force Racing and competes for the team.

What is John Force’s automobile sponsorship rate?

The 65-year-old Force has reportedly committed to driving “all four of his team’s vehicles for next season,” according to a JFR official. Additionally, Hight and Courtney Force are involved in multiyear sponsorship agreements; Hight with Auto Club and Force with Traxxas.

Who makes the engines that John Force uses?

Castrol and Ford Motor Company were long-term sponsors of Force’s team; Castrol was Force’s primary sponsor for over 30 years, while Ford was his engine source for 20 years.


John Force’s wealth is a result of his incredible racing prowess, as well as his clever commercial decisions and public relations skills. His fortune will surely grow as he continues to race and make his mark in drag racing history.

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