Planetary Cabinet King and its influence on other planets

King in Planetary Cabinet

In Vedic Astrology, the strong influence of planets on the lives of men has been highlighted since the Rig Vedic times. Planets are said to be powerful and driving factors of how your life plays out. The nine planets in astrology include the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and two shadow planets called Rahu and Ketu. Let’s read about Planetary Cabinet King and its influence on other planets.

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets, which in the physical realm, refer to the North and South Nodes of the moon respectively. They show the direction of desire and consciousness and are powerful forces in astrology. 

If you dive into the field of astrology online, you will often find planets being assigned roles of kings, ministers, lords, or slaves. This is according to the planetary cabinet, a yearly changing system that holds the sun as the basis for each planet to get their assigned roles. 

These roles change from planet to planet every year and are calculated when the sun enters the Aries zodiac. The ruling planet of this day becomes the king for the year. 

Planets acting as King

When planets act as the king or are at the highest position in the planetary cabinet, their capacities and traits are heightened immensely. Depending on where the King sits, along with whom and the influence and relation of other rulers, the king will manifest its benefic or malefic effects. 

To observe these effects on your chart you can have a session of horoscope reading and astrology online, where you can better relate the roles of these planets in your own life in depth. 

  • The sun– The sun is one of the most powerful entities in the solar system in all senses. Even in astrology, it is a mighty ruler that is bound to royalty. As king, you will enjoy prosperity, power, riches, and progress. However, if it is pointed at an evil or negative house, it will bring turbulence in the relationship between all the rulers and cause dangers related to fire, like robbery, theft, violence, etc. 
  • The Moon– The moon is a gentle yet powerful planet that can bring you peace, progress, and growth. It will provide you with all the abundance in the universe when seated at a good house. When signifying evil houses, the moon will manifest as a lack of joy and peace. You will not see the growth or progress that year. 
  • Mars– Mars is often related to war and is considered as army chief. As king, you may see a lot of unrest between the rulers in your chart. If it is afflicted with less or no malefic influences, these effects will be less but you may see some disturbances related to fire in your life.
  • Mercury– As the king, the mercury will cause some distress, in the form of water. If afflicted, a massive battle with an enemy is imminent but if it isn’t, King Mercury can reduce other evil indications and affliction to a high extent. 
  • Jupiter– Jupiter is known for its wise and virtuous traits. As king, Jupiter will guide rulers to take a virtuous path and bring wisdom and content in your life. This time in your life is great to start a practice and dedicate it to the Guru. Prosperity in forms of learning and knowledge can be noticed. If afflicted, however, Jupiter still doesn’t show too many malefic effects as king but these things are harder to gain and nearly improbable in that year. 
  • Venus: Venus brings content, love, and luxury into your life as the king. If afflicted, it can dampen the romantic relations in your life or you may lack materialistic luxury. 
  • Saturn: When Saturn is king, it can be a kingmaker as well but in a more restricted manner. Saturn chooses its own time depending on your path and readiness. In the case of afflicted Saturn, people can commit sins and are responsible for karma. 

Reading astrology online by yourself can be daunting, but you can always find an experienced astrologer to explain these aspects to you and help you connect with your path better. 


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