A Young Lady’s Guide to Dressing Up for Church Service

Lady's Guide to Dressing Up for Church Service

Plenty of young women struggle in choosing an outfit to wear when they attend church service. Some struggle in finding modest pieces that match their style and personality. Others think that modest dresses seemed too unattractive. As a young lady who is just in the process of creating your personal style, here are some essential styling tips you can use when you look for your Sunday Best outfit.

What is the right dress code for church service?

Years ago, people debated what to wear when attending church service. However, nowadays, it seems like the long-standing argument has begun to die down. 

This is mostly because the number of people who prefer wearing formal church clothes has considerably shrunk over the years. On one hand, more and more churchgoers want to dress casually. But what is the right way to dress up? Is wearing casual clothes to church offensive and disrespectful?

The truth is, your choice of dress doesn’t really matter. Online boutiques like E and O Apparel offer church dresses and other modest items that will go great with the standards of religious services.

Sunday Best clothes is simply a preference dictated by culture and religion. At the end of the day, the choice depends on your personal preference. What type of clothing do you feel comfortable to wear? Which types can help you approach God in a more authentic way?

Prefer sticking to old traditions, how do I find the right clothes?

If you want to stick to the traditional dress code, you can try shopping for wardrobe staples from Christian boutiques. These shops offer a variety of formal and semi-formal clothes for female churchgoers. Some of the common items you will find include long pencil skirts, slacks, blazers, tunics, and blouses.

Try the item on and check how it fits on you. If you prefer dressing modestly, choose items with long sleeves and hemlines. Pay attention to the cut of the item as well. See to it that it doesn’t reveal too much of your body’s contour.

I want to dress casual but how can I avoid offending anyone?

If you are not keen on wearing formal pieces, there is a long list of casual clothing that looks decent for the church. For example, if you aren’t happy wearing dresses, you can try denim jeans. If in case you want to wear dresses, there are plenty of casual midi and maxi dresses offered by local boutiques as well as online shops. 

Pay attention to the hemline and neckline of the pieces you will wear. As much as possible, avoid wearing tops with very low necklines. As for the skirts, choose ones that extend below your knees. 

Also, don’t forget to check the fabric. While you should prioritize wearing breathable clothing, you should avoid using see-through ones as much as possible. 

Choosing the right accessories and footwear for church

There isn’t really a specific dress code for accessories and footwear. You can select whatever pieces go well with your outfit. If you want to wear formal clothing, you should use simple accessories like metal or pearl necklaces and earrings. If you fancy casual clothing, you can wear more playful pieces such as layered necklaces.

What does God want you to wear?

There isn’t a specific rule in the bible about what to wear for Sunday service. As such, there isn’t really a need to debate over which type of clothing can be used for worship. Dress in humility and come to church with a sincere heart. The Lord doesn’t really mind what type of external clothing you wear.

The next time you feel challenged when selecting an outfit for church service, use the tips shared above as your guide. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Check which pieces feel the most comfortable on you. This way, you get to approach the Lord with more authenticity and sincerity. Lastly, yake note of the value of wearing humility in your heart.

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