Lap Pools Can Be Sexy Too

Lap Pools Can Be Sexy Too

These pools have been designed for the swimming enthusiasts amongst us, so when we say it can be sexy, it gets a little confusing. They come in 10 meters long and have been designed to be a little deeper than the traditional pools we have been accustomed to. The design is to fit the swimmers’ needs of taking a deep dive, swimming long lengths, and the likes. But with all this, we can still make lap pools look sexy in your backyard; if lap pools are your thing. This article details on Lap Pools Can Be Sexy Too, can they?

With the shape and design of this water body, we immediately imagine something boring in our backyards. But do you know the design and shape do not matter in finding creative ways to bring some life to your backyard?

Creative ways to bring some life to your lap pool

With a lap pool, you can do a list of things, from swimming a few laps to get a full-body workout, entertain your guests by the poolside, and do some fun family water sports. Now let us take a deep dive into how you can bring out your personality on your lap pool.

  • Accessories for your pool can do wonders, with some attractive features like colourful pool lighting. This can be used as a good motivator when you don’t look forward to your swimming laps. If you like doing some aerobics in the morning, some colour in the pool will immediately get you pumped and energized, especially the neon colours. When entertaining by the pool, some cool colours can set the mood, like orange hues, yellows and peaches.
  • Music is an essential tool when entertaining guests, so how about incorporating this by the pool or, better yet, have it in the pool to help you listen to your favourite track while you do your laps. Music immediately brightens your day, and while working out, it will motivate you to keep going.
  • A heating system is a new hot trend for most pools. Who said swimming is only for the summer? With a heating system installed, swimming can be any day, any time, no matter the season. As a result, the weather will not be an excuse when you need to put in some laps for your body workout.
  • You can go a little extra with your pool. Have you considered getting an infinity pool design for your lap pool? The good thing this won’t take up to much space if you are limited on this. If your pool is semi-inground in this design and a heating system installed, this will be the go-to place for most of your friends and family when they come over. 

As you can see, your lap pool can also be sexy. Just play around with the available features, and your pool will immediately be a show stopper. The traditional design should not limit your creativity to bring some life to your pool.

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