Learn these 11 Skills Online During a Global Pandemic

11 Skills to Learn Online During a Global Pandemic

Did you know that you can maintain your cognitive skills by learning something new? If you want to gain some new career skills, we can help. In this guide, we’ll go over what skills to learn online this year.

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  1. Learn How to Cook

Knowing how to cook food is an underrated skill. But you will save money and boost your health when you cook at home. Learn how to cook for your friends and impress your family with delicious food.

If you want to learn more about cooking, check out a video series from Andrew Rae. The series is called Basics with Babish. You will learn about the basics of cooking. New videos get often uploaded.

  1. Podcasting

Do you have a podcast idea that you’ve always wanted to explore? Choose a topic and get some quality equipment with your budget.

Compare different price points for the podcasting equipment before selecting some. Some resources will recommend that you have a co-host. Think about a potential co-host.

  1. YouTube

Want to learn how to use YouTube to make money? You should check out Creator Academy on YouTube. There is a series of lessons that you can study to learn the basics of YouTube.

The lessons are in a YouTube video format, and you’ll complete multiple-choice questions. You’ll define your vision by answering the questions.

  1. Learn Photography Skills

Do you have a camera that you’ve always wanted to use to take excellent photos? Take your time learning the skills you’ll need to take a fantastic portrait or landscape photos.

YouTube has excellent resources in this department. Fstoppers has joined YouTube. Check out their channel and website to learn basic photography skills. You’ll also get to connect with other photographers.

Fstoppers offer equipment reviews and tutorials. They even have a video feature where photography pros will review photos and offer tips.

  1. Learn Technical Writing

At Study.com, you can check out an online class called English 305. You’ll start with the basics of technical writing. The course will end with manuals, proposals, and writing instructions.

The class won’t count for college credit. But you can access their paid service of testing for college credit. For 30 dollars a month, you can get basic access to this course and hundreds of others.

You’ll have graded assignments, video lessons, and testing for college credit.

  1. Photoshop

Learn the ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop online for free at TUTS+. The freebies on this site will help you become proficient at using Photoshop. Check out reviews of new effects packages and how-to tutorials.

You’ll learn about all the practices in the field of photo manipulation. You can also check out the paid access and read ebooks and complete courses.

  1. Project Management

If you want to learn project management, check out Alison.com. Alison.com offers free content, but there is a fee if you want to get a diploma after the coursework.

The diploma in project management is a great beginner’s option. You’ll learn about the methodology, terminology, and project life cycle.

It’ll take you 10 hours to finish the coursework, and the assessment isn’t easy at the end.

If you don’t buy your diploma, you are eligible for the Learner Achievement Verification.

  1. Microsoft Word

Access LinkedIn’s classes for free for 30 days. There are lots of courses on Microsoft Word.

You can learn how to use macros and insert charts, no matter the version of Word you have. After 30 days, access to the courses costs 24.99 dollars a month. You can get 20 percent off if you pay for it annually.

  1. Public Speaking

You can take a course on public speaking through the University of Washington. The course’s offered on Coursera, a four-course Public Speaking Specialization.

In total, it will take 16 hours to complete. The course is online, and you’ll have flexible deadlines.

You’ll learn about presentation planning and confidence in this class. To get full access to the course, you’ll need to pay for a membership.

Completing the course will unlock a specialization. You can add the specialization to your CV or LinkedIn profile.

  1. Personal Finance

Most people face a lot of stress when it comes to budgeting and tracking their spending.

Make sure you automate bills, so you don’t miss any payments. You’ll also avoid overspending and not paying that bill.

Knowing how much bills cost will also help you stay on track. If your funds for non-essentials are dwindling, cut back on them, and save some money.

Learn about finances and budgeting at Dave Ramsey’s website or YouTube.

  1. Mac Skills

Do you want to learn more about your new Mac? You can go to the company website and check out the tutorials and online seminars.

You’ll need to register to view the archived content, but it’s free to access. Check out the Lion Server Documentation Guide for resources on other Apple concerts.

Apple places emphasis on the education sector. Apple wants to grow its user base and make sure their products reach a wider audience.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to type faster, check out a typing tutor app.

Now You Know What Skills to Learn Online

We hope this guide on online skills was helpful. Make sure you decide on a skill or topic you’ve always wanted to learn and set aside time to study.

Now that you know what skills to learn online, choose what you’ll discover next.

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