Let a Great Mechanic Make Your Car’s New Year Happy

The New Year’s celebrations may be over, but you want to keep some of the good cheer and resolve moving forward with you into the year. The days are darker, and it’s colder out, and sometimes it can feel like an uphill battle.

Winter in Canada is also notoriously hard on cars, which contend with all the salt, ice, and freezing air. Nothing about the Toronto winter elongates your car’s life! That’s why you need a great mechanic who can keep it in tip-top shape. Please read on about what to look for in a mechanic so you and your car enjoy a Happy New Year.

All Under One Roof

Leading mechanics like AutoOne Service handle every type of repair, maintenance, and customization under one roof, a very reassuring sign you’re in capable hands. It shouldn’t matter whether you need an oil change or a new transmission or drive a modest Honda Civic or an incredibly rare vintage speedster — the leading mechanics fix it all.

Hopefully, you have your winter tires on by now! Canadian roads all but require tires with more grip and ruggedness, so you don’t go slipping and sliding around. If a mechanic can fix everything and offer every type of car-related service, that’s only a good sign.

Most mechanics do the general tune-ups for all parts of a car. The more custom work they do on parts like transmissions, the more impressive they are. 

Hybrid Cars

Driving a hybrid vehicle is an excellent way to save at the pump and reduce your carbon footprint. However, you can’t get these cars maintained at an old-school garage that doesn’t have contemporary equipment.

Leading mechanics have all the latest equipment to conduct high-voltage battery testing and conditioning tests, brake system repair and maintenance, and more. Hopefully, old-fashioned cars that contribute excessively to smog will be off the road soon!

During this transition, find a garage that is up to the task and has what it takes to fix electric and hybrid vehicles.

Fleet Services

People rely on their personal cars to get to appointments, visit people, and commute to work. Sometimes, people rely on vehicles during their work, so there’s even more riding on servicing them fully.

Imagine what a tourism or outdoor adventure company would do if their shuttle buses or vans stopped working! If your business depends on vehicles, you need to link up with a garage that offers fleet services. They can fully service your fleet and give you better rates.

You don’t start from square one with the mechanic whenever you bring in your vehicle. It’s better to pair up with the right garage and, basically, have a mechanic on retainer.

Servicing your car in winter when roads are slick helps keep everybody safe, and putting off any required servicing or tune-up until later only increases the costs. The best thing you can do to keep your car happy throughout 2023 is to find a body shop that ticks off all the above boxes.

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