Liz Cheney Net Worth and How She Evolved With Time

liz cheney net worth

Liz Cheney, a famous politician and American attorney, has represented the USA since 2017. Everything caught the media’s attention, from her political journey and Donald Trump’s controversies to Liz Cheney net worth.

However, she was once known as ‘Trumpiest’ and had the title of ‘most combat Cheney of the party.’ Cheney also served in The House of the Republican Conference and had the third-highest position from 2019 – to 2021.  Liz Cheney journey has a lot to unfold; here is what can help in understanding more about her.

NameElizabeth Lynne Cheney
Professionally nameLiz Cheney
DOBJuly 28, 1966
EducationColorado College (BA), University of Chicago (JD)
ProfessionAttorney, Politician
Political partyRepublican
Parent(s)Dick Cheney, Lynn Cheney
SiblingMary Cheney
SpousePhilip Perry (m.1993)
Instagram Account@replicheney
Twitter Account@Liz_Cheney

Childhood and early life

Elizabeth Lynne Cheney, aka Liz Cheney was born in Madison, Wisconsin on July 28, 1966. She was the elder daughter of Dick Cheney and Lynne Cheney.  Both her parents have political backgrounds; her father was a former vice president, and her mother was a former second lady.

Her parents were the University of Wisconsin Madison students when she was born. Apart from her,  Elizabeth had a younger sister, Mary Cheney. She was born in Madison as well.

Cheney attended Casper in Wyoming but only attended sixth and seventh grade. During that time, her father was campaigning for the Congress party.

Because of her education and her father’s election, Cheney’s family had to divide their time and travel to Casper and Washington, DC for almost two years.

Liz Cheney’s education

She transferred in 1984 to complete her graduation from McLean High School in Washington, DC. While focused on her education, Elizabeth also participated as a cheerleader.

Later, she attended Colorado College, which was also her mother’s alma mater. Cheney completed her Bachelor of Arts degree. While pursuing her graduation, she wrote her thesis, ‘The Evolution of Presidential War Powers, ‘ in her senior year.

She received her Juris Doctor from the University of Chicago Law School in 1966.  Apart from completing her education,  Elizabeth took a course in Middle Eastern history at the Oriental Institute.

Liz Cheney’s siblings

Liz also has  a younger sibling, Mary Claire Cheney. She was born on March 14, 1969. Mary has been involved in different political action committees.

She married her wife Heather Poe in 1992. Mary supports same-sex marriage and publicly voiced her opinions, including about her sister.

Liz Cheney’s personal life

Liz married Philip Perry in 1993. Her husband has been a partner at Latham & Watkins since 2007. Apart from this, Philip Jonathan Perry had a successful attorney career and worked under George W. Bush.

Liz and Philip are proud parents of five children: three daughters and two sons. They named them Grace, Elizabeth, Richard, Philip, and Kate.


Elizabeth started her career at an early age. After graduating from law school, Cheney took a clerk job for US Court of Appeals judge Laurence Silberman.  She worked in the DC Circuit.  After this, she switched to a lawyer position at Kirkland & Ellis firm in Washington, DC.

Cheney joined the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1995 as staff. She worked on solving the issues related to North Africa and the Middle East.  She also served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State between 2002 to 2003.

After Dick (Elizabeth’s father) left his office in 2009, Cheney continued her work in the private sector. She participated on the board of directors for companies like Marathon Petroleum and American Express.

Elizabeth worked as a consultant on energy and foreign policy issues during her early years before starting her career in politics.

Entering into the world of politics

Elizabeth was not new to politics, but she officially announced her debut in 2016. At the time, she declared that Liz would run for the US House of Representatives in Wyoming.  She started her political career in January 2017 after winning the election.

Liz became a member of the Congress party and has been sharing her vocal criticism regarding former president Donald Trump’s work and ideas. Elizabeth criticized Trump’s claims on the 2020 presidential election, where he accused the election was stolen. Not just being a critic, Elizabeth was among the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach him in January 2021.

She is a conservative Republican and initially opposes same-sex marriages. But later, she supported it, including abortion rights.

In 2022, she was defeated by Harriet Hageman. It was considered a victory for Donald Trump as he endorsed Harriet during the election.


Besides her political career and activities, Cheney also wrote three books with her father. It includes My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir in 2011, Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America in 2015, and Heart: An American Medical Odyssey in 2013.

Liz Cheney net worth

Liz Cheney net worth includes a few aspects that affect her overall income. Liz’s parents are known as one of the wealthiest poiticans in the USA. She is herself a successful politician and attorney and has an impressive fortune on her own.

Liz Cheney husband net worth is estimated at $3.5 million. Philip Perry is working as a litigation partner at Latham & Watkins. Cheney and her husband own properties, including a $1.9 million home in Jackson Hole, a $1.6 million home in McLean, etc.

YearsNet worth
Liz Cheney Net worth 2023$47 million
Liz Cheney Net worth 2022$45 million
Liz Cheney net worth 2020$40 million
Liz Cheney Net worth 2018$32 million
Liz Cheney net worth 2015$26 million

Award & honors

Apart from Liz Cheney net worth, which is quite impressive, she also has a list of awards and honors for her work.

In 2021, Forbes listed her among the notable entrepreneurs, leaders, creators, and scientists over age of 50.  Her name was listed in Times 100 in 2021, in the list of the top 100 most influential people worldwide.

Cheney was awarded the title of Profile in Courage Award recipient for defending democracy by the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation in 2022.  According to the foundation, Cheney has been a consistent and courageous voice defending democracy.

Controversies & political stands

Liz Cheney net worth is not the only thing that stands out in her career; her opinions and political stands caused controversies too.

One of her most significant controversies includes her impeachment vote against former President Trump. Since she was in the top ten Republicans who voted for his impeachment. This led her to be removed from the leadership post as House Republican Conference Chair.

In 2014, she ran for the Senate; Cheney commented on same-sex marriage, opposing the community. However, Mary, who is also married to the same sex, and her wife, Heather Poe, shared their opinion. They said Cheney’s statement offended them, and it was disappointing.

Cheney faced a lot of criticism from Republicans when she defended Dr. Fauci for his COVID-19 claims and endorsed Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie as a primary opponent.

Apart from her controversies, Liz’s political stands also made people curious. Some support, like Lawrence R. Jacobs, who called Cheney a hard-edged, leading voice, lower taxes figure with arch conservation. But some called her ‘Republican royalty’.  Her political stands include:

Same-sex marriage and fallout with her sister

In 2012, Cheney voiced her thoughts during her Senate bid.  She opposed same-sex marriage, which led to a falling out with her sister.

Mary Cheney, who is married to the same sex, wrote a post on Facebook. She declared it was a hurtful thing to say and Mary wouldn’t be supporting her candidacy. The family spat caused a lot of buzz, catching the media’s attention. This led to one of the reasons the senate campaign ended sooner.

On September 26, 2021, Cheney stated in an interview with Lesley Stahl that she regretted her statement regarding same-sex marriage. Later, she voted for the Respect for Marriage Act of 2022, including 46 more Republicans.

Oppose no first use of nuclear policy

Elizabeth is also against the idea of a first-use nuclear policy. She even criticized Elizabeth Warren for advocating the policy during the 2020 Democratic Party presidential debates.

She voted to include the provisions leading women in the National Defense Authorization Act ( 2022).

Cheney supported the use of torture and defended the use of waterboarding in 2009.

She rejects America’s first foreign policy

Cheney considered herself a neoconservative, rejecting America’s first foreign policy.  She strongly supported Israel and their plans to annex the occupied parts of the West Bank. She signed a letter to Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister, reaffirming the alliance between US and Israel.

Final thoughts

Liz Cheney has a powerful background and support from her people. She created space for herself in US politics and never backed away from her vision. Liz has also openly talked about her thoughts about whether it’s same-sex marriage to Donald Trump. From having a successful career to a happy family, Liz accumulated an impressive net worth that showcased her achievements.


1. Where does Elizabeth Cheney live?

She currently lives in Mclean with her family and kids.

2. Is there any movie about Liz Cheney?

Vice, directed by Adam McKay, a biographical satire black comedy movie is based on Dick Cheney. It also includes young Liz Cheney.

3. What is the public opinion regarding Liz Cheney?

As per the survey in 2022, 27% of respondents had unfavorable opinions, and 13% had favorable opinions towards Congresswoman Liz Cheney.

4. What are Liz Cheney’s income sources?

Liz Cheney’s worth is built on two primary income sources, i.e., her earnings from her political career and her legal profession.

5. What did Liz Cheney’s father do?

Dick Cheney, Liz’s father, is a businessman and American politician; he served as the 46th vice president under President George W. Bush.

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