Loft Hotel Rooms: What are they are why are they so popular

Loft Hotel Rooms

I’m sure we’ve flipped through countless travel magazines and seen a variety of hotel rooms. Whether it’s a standard single room usually meant for a quick business trip or a luxurious presidential suite fitted with several bedrooms and living space, hotel rooms come in all shapes and sizes. One hotel room which has grown in popularity due to its chic design is the loft hotel room. But what exactly are loft hotels in Singapore and why are they so popular among holidayers? – Loft Hotel Rooms

Loft hotel rooms have both an upper and lower level. The spaces are usually joined by a stylish staircase. There are some variations when it comes to loft hotel rooms. Some hotels make the space on the lower level an area for rest and relaxation by installing a luxurious bed and other fixtures like a television screen, a kitchen space and bathrooms. In such cases, the second floor is used for recreation/work with features like work desks and chairs. However, this may not be the case with all hotels as some may use the first floor as both a place of sleep and recreation while making the second floor an exclusive lounge area. 

Loft hotels in Singapore have become quite popular among Singaporeans seeking a getaway and foreign holiday markers for several reasons. We’ll take a closer look at these reasons in the following paragraphs. 

1. Loft Hotels in Singapore Offer A Sense of Exclusivity 

One reason why travellers enjoy staying in loft hotels in Singapore is the sense of exclusivity that comes with staying in a loft hotel. Whether you’re 5 or 65, there’s something undeniably exciting about climbing up a staircase leading to a secret space tucked away on the second floor. Not only does it offer you an escape from the main area on the first level, but it can give you and your travel partner privacy. 

2. Loft Hotels in Singapore Offer A Clear Boundary Between Rest and Work 

Another benefit that loft hotels can offer to vacationers is a clear demarcation between the recreation space and the area meant for working. As mentioned, this really boils down to the layout of your accommodation, but certain hotels do create a living area/bedroom area on the first floor while dedicating the loft for work-related activities. For loft hotels in Singapore that do have a purposeful design aimed at separating work and relaxation activities, they can offer a clear boundary between rest and work. This can be an attractive feature for holidaymakers who still need to conduct work-related tasks even while on vacation. Similarly, business people who travel for work may welcome this type of room as it offers them a separate space to kick back and relax after accomplishing their work. 

 3. Loft Hotels in Singapore Are Very Instagrammable 

One feature of loft hotels in Singapore that attracts travellers from all over the world is their chic interior furnishings and design. Loft hotels in Singapore tend to reflect the city’s modern and cosmopolitan style. In fact, their designs often reflect the feel and ambience of the locale where they are situated. One example of a loft hotel in Singapore is the studio loft located in Wanderlust, The Unlimited Collection by Oakwood. The loft’s design can be described as being modernistic while having the furnishings of a home. It comes equipped with a kitchen space and a living room area on the first floor, while the bedroom is situated on the second floor. 

It’s these fashion-forward designs which also offer you an opportunity to snap some Instagram-worthy photos. In fact, posting updates on your hotel room space has become a normal fixture on YouTube and other social media sites. You could do a fun room tour for your social media followers and showcase the interesting and unique features within the loft hotel room like the staircase and the furnishings on both upper and lower floors. 

4. Loft Hotels in Singapore Offer More Space For Roommates 

Loft hotels are a good way to accommodate your travel group. Whether you’re travelling with your partner or with several friends on holiday, loft hotels in Singapore can fit them all. On average, the lower level of the hotel room can offer lodging for at least two persons, while the upper floor (depending on the design and purpose of the second floor) can take in another two people. This doesn’t only help you save money, but it can also offer an added level of comfort and security for your whole travel experience.

It’s not uncommon for travellers to share rooms, especially when visiting a foreign country to ensure their well being. Hence, loft hotel rooms can be a perfect choice for travellers since they are able to bunk together in the same room while still having their own personal space since their bedroom quarters are separated by a flight of stairs. 

Book A Loft Hotel In Singapore When You Visit The Lion City

Book a beautifully designed and modernistic loft hotel room when you visit Singapore. A spacious loft hotel room can be a home away from home, with its furnishings perfect for both work and leisure. 

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