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If you want to live in European Union, you will definitely consider about getting citizenship of a particular country. There are two ways to achieve that goal to start cooperation :

  • By yourself;
  • By cooperating with migration experts, such as Legal EU Counsel.

Legal EU Counsel is a safe and reliable company with years of experience in helping people move to the EU. It provides assistance during all the procedures that are needed for a successful relocation. In this article you will find out how the company helps you during applying procedure, how to decrease the time of registration of European documents, and what kind of issues you can face to while applying for citizenship by yourself according to personal experience of immigrants.

Issues you will come across if you apply for EU passport by your own

Obtaining a passport by your own might not be easy. Here are the probable issues:

  • Time-consuming paper preparation. Collecting, translating, and notarizing the documents can take several months.
  • Little chance of accepting the documents by authorized body. The consul can decline one`s request if: the application for citizenship is filled in incorrectly; immigrant forgets to submit some papers; the state fee was paid to the wrong requisites, etc.

Taking into consideration reviews about Legal EU Counsel`s support, most people emphasize that it is more convenient to cooperate with immigration company than apply for EU citizenship by yourself. Clients` opinion influenced many people, who were searching how to solve their issues after many years of unsuccessful registration.

They could eventually achieve their goals by registration with the company

Features of cooperation 

Main reason why cooperating with lawyers is more convenient is that you can easily come across many nuances. Legal EU Counsel is a team of the experts with deep knowledge in immigration law. Be sure that all the work of the lawyers is legal because it is based on European law and also goes under signed agreement.

In comparison with other immigration companies, offers whole support at immigration process that starts with preparing client`s personal case, and ending with obtaining EU passport, while other companies suggest only collecting the documents. Legal EU Counsel provides the customers with:

  • Consultations;
  • Choosing the best relocation strategy;
  • Filling in an application form;
  • Collecting all the papers;
  • Helping in registering internal European documents.

To find the contacts of, and its main office address, visit company`s official website. Having filled in an online form, the immigrant will receive a call from the experts, and be consulted faster.

Obtaining EU passport with the assistance of Legal EU Counsel- start cooperation 

With the help of, you can obtain residence permit/ citizenship of:

  • Bulgaria;
  • Romania;
  • Slovenia;
  • Cayman Islands;
  • Grenada;
  • Latvia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Sweden;
  • Portugal;
  • Great Britain.

Application procedure is very simple: lawyers of Legal EU Counsel will choose the most convenient option of relocation for the person. Collecting full package of documents, and managing application processes also will be done by the experts. Needed certificates will be found in the repository, then translated, and notarized.

With the support of Legal EU Counsel, you will submit collected documents to the authorized body. Verification process takes some time until civil servant gives you approval information. Then you will need to pass oath taking ceremony/ exam (depends on the procedure you choose). Registration of the internal documents will be completed with the lawyers` help, if it is necessary.

Legal EU Counsel: reviews

Reviews about Legal EU Counsel ‘s assistance

An information on the official website emphasizes, that company has hundreds of satisfied clients, and customer feedback. Most of them admit that cooperation with Legal EU Counsel is productive, and easy. All the bureaucratic issues, and managing of application procedure are entirely the responsibilities of the lawyers of Legal EU Counsel. The company will complete all of the documents on your behalf, so you will be able to dedicate your time for personal issues.

Clients admit that cooperation with is safe. The company treats private data with respect. And reliability is the main feature of the company, according to feedback of Legal EU Counsel.


Great experience in assisting people, and a positive customer review base, are reasons why you should ask for Legaleucounsel`s support. The company provides the clients with free consultation, preparing their personal case (including translating, and notarizing of the documents), and managing all the processes. The lawyers are professionals who are ready to answer your questions and help with the application. Cooperating with Legal EU Counsel, be sure that you have chosen the right assistant who will be able to support you during relocation to Europe.

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