Make Eyebrow Tints That Last Really Longer

Eyebrow Tints

Like hair dyeing, eyebrow tinting is when the eyebrows are colored using specific eyebrow tints that remain for around three to six weeks. Many people complain about not having dense eyebrows, and this is why eyebrow tints, one of the fantastic professional beauty products, are being used in manifolds. However, it takes minimal effort to tint and maintain eyebrows. So here arises a million-dollar question – Is eyebrow tinting worth it? If one is bothered by one’s faint eyebrows, then using professional beauty products like eyebrow tints is worth it.

Purpose of eyebrow tints

In order to make eyebrows pop out, the eyebrow tints work wonders. They give the eyebrows a definite color and appear fuller than before, dense and thick. Once the eyebrows are perfectly shaped (which can be obtained by waxing, plucking, or threading, whichever process one is comfortable with), eyebrows tints are the cherry on the cake.

Eyebrow tints are a great professional beauty product for people who do not have time to shape their eyebrows using eyebrow pencils and gels. Besides, getting the eyebrows tinted by a professional beautician can impart a more natural look than eyebrows drawn using pencils and gels.

Tips to make eyebrow tints last longer

Nobody wants their eyebrow tint to trickle down her face on a humid day. Here are some tips that one can follow to make her eyebrow tint last for a long time:

  1. Get eyebrows tinted on a professional salon

Dyeing eyebrows at home is certainly possible. However, it is better to opt for a safer option, and it is undoubtedly a professional salon. The people in the professional salons know how to apply the tint to make it last longer.

  1. Prefer vegetable dye over henna
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For those who dye their eyebrows for the first time, ensure to choose vegetable dyes over henna as the former lasts longer than the latter. Besides, henna may have some chemicals which can cause some allergic reactions to some people.

  1. Choose darker shades

Go for an eyebrow tint that is darker than the shade of natural eyebrows because darker shades last longer than lighter ones.  

  1. Do not wash your face for a few days

Like hair dyes, the eyebrow tints will take a couple of days to set in the skin and the hair roots completely. Until then, avoid washing the face with water. Even if one washes her face, cover the area of the eyebrows. Also, avoid undergoing heavy tasks as sweat can take off the tints.  

  1. Do not stay under the sun for a long time

The UV rays of the sun may fade the color of the eyebrow tints. So, try spending less time out in the sun. Even if one has to get out of her house, one can wear hats to cover the eyebrows.

  1. Maintain the health of the eyebrows

For protecting the eyebrows, apply some castor oil twice a week. It will keep the eyebrows hydrated and make them appear fuller. As a result, the eyebrow tints will be absorbed well in the brows.


So, with eyebrow tints, one can get the sultry and thick eyebrows that one has been dreaming of for a long time.

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