Making and Wearing Custom Printed T-shirts

Custom t-shirt printing has been going on for many years.

Over the course of time, and with the improvement of technology, t-shirt printing in Singapore has become more advanced. 

When were t-shirts invented?

What was the first thing printed on a t-shirt?

The history of shirt printing

The first ever recorded type of printing was the invention of screen printing, otherwise known as silk printing, in 960 AD in China.

This was most likely not done on a t-shirt, since they hadn’t been thought of yet, but the process carried on printing onto various things using screen printing. 

Between 1898 and 1913, the Spanish-American war was raging, and the U.S. Navy was issuing a new piece of clothing to their recruits — t-shirts to be used as undershirts.

This wasn’t the first time a t-shirt was seen, but it was one of the most notable times.

The first “t-shirt” was made in the 19th century, when workers would cut their jumpers in half during the summer for relief from the heat. 

Moving into different ways

As time went on, the t-shirt moved from being used as a vest. 

This happened in 1950, when Marlon Brando, a famous film star from the U.S. wore a white t-shirt in a film. 

The wearing of t-shirts became a sensation, and a number of companies began to experiment by adding decorations to the shirts.

The first ever well-known printed t-shirt was created for the American Republican Thomas E. Dewey. The shirts said, “Do it with Dewey”.

From there, the first ever printing licence was issued to a company that printed t-shirts with Disney characters in them. 

By the 1960s, the idea of using screen printing to print the designs became the industry standard.

By the 1970s, printed t-shirts went wild. The desire for a shirt with a powerful message or band logo was everywhere, and the t-shirt business took off to be the multi-million dollar industry it is today.

Find the best custom t-shirt printer 

To find a quality t-shirt printing company, you will need to do a little research.

Check online reviews. 

Look at and verify the company’s business licence to ensure they are legitimate, especially if you order online. 

Discuss with potential printers the design you are after, what method may be used, how many shirts you need, and an estimated cost.

If you need help making your design, a good printing company should be able to help you come up with the design using templates or sketches. 

Screen printing started around 960 AD in China, but the first t-shirt wasn’t popular until around 1898.

This method is still in use today.

There have been many advancements in the custom tshirt printing process due to technological advancements. 

Tshirt printing in Singapore can be done through the use of inkjet printers and computer generated designs nowadays. People wear tshirts as casual clothing but there are many people these days that have a variety of reasons for wearing a particular tee. Some people want to say a slogan thru wearing a tshirt while others want others to know what they stand for and so  on. 

Find a great t-shirt printer to have your custom design come to life today.

Who knows, you may have a shirt for the history books one day!

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