Male Version Of Karen

Male Version Of Karen


Even in modern times, sometimes we are shocked to witness the predated thoughts of the people, and this embarrasses everyone. The male version of Karen is a phenomenon that will help you understand how even after such advancements in the world, people are sticking to the thoughts of racism and sects. Such thoughts can ruin societies and completely alter the history of the nations.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that we pay close detail to such information to get the best results out of the situation. In the past, the world has witnessed how the black community was considered the people of the lowest grade, and their rights were torn, and they were not allowed any fundamental right. Nowadays, such phenomena are also being witnessed, and that is disappointing.

The readers might wonder why the talks of racism are being started all over again and why it concerns them. Then let us give you an insight into the whole scenario that gave birth to this pathetic phenomenon once again. Now out of a sudden, a middle-aged white woman whose name is recorded as Jennifer Schulte decides to pick up her phone and call the emergency number 911. Now you might be thinking that something severe happened around her.


This was not the case at all. She called to report on a black family. She told the authorities to act on the family since they used a charcoal grill in the park. Although this was not a significant issue, she kept dialing the number again and again. Below you will find the details of her intentions.

Male Version Of Karen And The Growing Racism

Jennifer only kept redialing 911 because she wanted to haul her whiteness and use it against that black family. However, we are well aware that open fires are permitted but still, she wanted to ensure that something terrible happens to the people. The only reason she had was that the family was involved in something that did not suit her liking, or maybe the reason was not her liking. It was the color of the family.

In this modern world, nothing is hidden from the internet. You can find everything you desire with a click. Social media gave her a name after this incident as BBQ Becky. She is not alone. She is followed by the figures such as Permit Patty and Central Park Karen. They all are categorized under the same roof that depicts the discomfort of the privileged.

We all know that this discomfort must not be mixed with an emergency. Social media has also witnessed Karen memes in the past. The story will shock you. Karen was a female figure, a middle-aged white woman who wanted to speak to the manager. She is also categorized among BBQ Becky. These Karen’s have undoubtedly polluted the sense of equality, and this particular school of thought is not limited to women. The men have also sheltered themselves under this roof.

Male Version Of Karen And The Growing Racism

If you talk about the male version of Karen, then on social media, they are named Ken, Greg, and Terry. Such names are always there, but the discussion on the male version of Karen is limited, which is why it must be paid attention to.

The Social Media Analysis Of Dr. Apryl

Dr. Apryl is a huge name when we talk about the studies regarding racism. She has conducted research by taking the data of the public’s response and categorizing them under different parameters to examine why such factors are trending. Also, the response of the general public to such a school of thought and what are the after-effects of such events were the prime focus of her studies.

The researcher used the Twitter platform to analyze the public response.

We all have witnessed Karen memes. Although you only see the superficial phenomenon. If you look deep inside, then you will find that the Karen memes have a message for the people. Also, how people are trolling such Karens on the internet is remarkable. Since social media is a place where everybody can share their thoughts, it is perfect for research.

The Social Media Analysis Of Dr. Apryl

Twitter Karen memes will help you understand how the power of whiteness is involved in our daily life. People are trolling the Karens, but they often keep themselves at arm’s length from Kens when they take the platforms for speaking. Thus, the activities of Kens are masked. Dr. Apryl analyzed a total of 100,000 tweets revolving around the Karen phenomenon.

She observed the response and deduced a theory that the American culture can never be free from racism. It is woven in its fabric, and without tearing apart the whole American culture, you can not fix this problem. Until then, the power of whiteness will always be hauled to make the lives of people of other ethnicities miserable. Figures such as BBQ Becky, Patty Permit, or Karens symbolize those who support racism.

How To Improve The Situation

Whenever something terrible happens, we always find the Karens involving the authorities. This phenomenon raises questions about these countries’ policies and why such events happen repeatedly. People are not very aware of the genuine factor or details that will make them understand the ideology behind the policing mechanism. You will never find women of colored origin to pick up the phone and call the police for such details. So, the police also become a tool of the Karens.

This is why it is of the utmost importance that proper public education is conducted to keep them away from creating nuisance in society. It will also help them understand the actual job of the policing sector.


Some phenomena, such as racism, are never entirely eradicated. Sooner or later, they surface again. The male version of Karen and BBQ Becky are the figures that are present in our daily life. How we can contribute to society for the limitation of such events is what should be the thoughts of the modern-day person. We hope that we can make a friendly environment perfect for all ethnicities.

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