Matt Danzeisen

Matt Danzeisen


In the past few years, when the media industry started witnessing an incline to success, the figures that were appreciated the most were associated with the entertainment industry. Matt Danzeisen is a name that helps us understand that the trends have shifted now, and people are also taking an interest in the life details of professionals from different walks of life.

The public knows that the only thing that you can do by following entertainment figures is getting some enjoyment for the time being. On the other hand, if we take about the life details of the professionals, then we will know that they tend to completely shift your life. The lessons in their struggles will surely bring out the best in you.

But there is a barrier in the way. Most entertainment industry figures love to share their details, whereas people from other walks of life tend to hide them. Therefore it might be difficult for you to get your hands on the required details.

Matt Danzeisen a personality worth looking into

Matt Danzeisen is a name that is well renowned in the business sector. If we go through his career portfolio, then we will understand that the famous personality is a businessman, portfolio manager, financier, entrepreneur, and investor. The star businessman belongs to America.

Why Matt is so famous

You might be wondering that these are the characteristics that you might be able to find in many of the personalities then what makes Matt Danzeisen so special. So let us answer this question. According to the available details, Matt Danzeisen is also the husband of the famous German-American billionaire and venture capitalist Peter Thiel.

Some business accomplishments

He has been renowned in the business circle for being the co-founder of the most renowned funds transfer platform PayPal along with other organizations, including Palantir Technologies and Founder’s Fund. Several reports confirm that Matt Danzeisen is currently working as the Portfolio Manager at Thiel Capital, the firm of Peter Thiel.

The personal life details

The birth information

People who are fond of famous personalities always tend to go for the personal details of such figures. This is why if we talk about the person in question, we will know that Matt Danzeisen was born between 1969 and 1973. We do not have the exact date of birth, nor were we able to confirm the birth year.

Age and important places 

If we look at the details, we can say that he might be 48 to 52 years old. The online profile tells us that the famed business personality was born in Washington, DC, USA. But this is not the current address of Matt Danzeisen. He is currently residing in Michigan, USA.

The disappointing family profile

Like many other online profiles, we might encounter a huge disappointment while talking about the family details of the famed business figure. Currently, no names are mentioned regarding the star professional’s parents and siblings.

Parents and aunt

Still, we were able to find the fact that the father of the famed figure is a business entity, whereas his mother was a simple housewife. While scrolling through the online portfolio of the famed individual, the only name we came across was Camille Danzeisen. The details tell us that she is the aunt of our famed individual.

Matt and Peter “The Gay couple.”

The name Matt Danzeisen is always inscribed along with the name of the famed German-American billionaire Peter Thiel. Several reports are confirming that both of them are in a relationship. This might come as a shock to you. Thus, we can say that the sexuality of the famed individual is not straight. He is a homosexual and a gay person.

The marriage of Matt and Peter 

Although there are several ethical and moral boundaries that you should not cross in society, we are witnessing it occur more often. Several sources confirm that Matt Danzeisen married the famed billionaire on 11th October 2017. The wedding was conducted in Vienna, Austria

The daughter of the Gay couple

Whenever we talk about the relationship life of any individual, it is also important that we share the details regarding the children too. Thus, if we dive into the details, we will know that the famed couple also had a daughter. The name of the daughter is inscribed in the documents as Elanor Kristina.

The physical profile

The height mark

Certain details help us bring forward the famed individual’s physical profile. Thus if we go through the available pieces of information, we will come to know that the height of the famed gay individual is only 5 feet and 9 inches. This is not all. If we switch the scale, we will find he is 175 cm tall.

Weight and other details

Body weight is the second most important physical detail that should not be missed at any cost. Thus if we take a look, then the body weight would be 70 Kg or 154 pounds. He is surely a well-looking guy with his brown eyes and brown hair.

The net worth value

As we have already discussed, portfolio management and investment is the job description of the famed Matt Danzeisen. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that we look at the financial figures of the famed individual too. Thus if we go through the details, then we will come to know that the current net worth value of Matt Danzeisen is marked as $5 to$8 million. He is living a luxurious life and currently owns some luxury cars too.

Some unknown details

Although Matt Danzeisen has been witnessed at several public seminars along with his partner Peter Thiel as a guest, still till today, the social media profile of the famed individual is not able to cross the mark of one thousand in terms of followers. Also, he has been working as an Inside Sales Representative at Wimsatt Building Materials.

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Matt Danzeisen is a famed businessman known for his sexuality, that is, being gay. Also, his business portfolio is excellent, and we hope it continues this way. Although certain personal aspects are still covered, we hope to uncover them soon in the future.

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