MC Lyte Net Worth

MC Lyte Net Worth

Rapper, composer, and actress MC Lyte (real name Lana Michelle Moorer) was a trailblazer in the hip-hop industry. Throughout her three-decade career, she has become one of the essential female MCs of all time. She has also dabbled in acting and voiceover work in addition to music. In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at MC Lyte net worth, which is a result of her efforts and achievements.

MC Lyte net worth

MC Lyte has amassed a net worth of $8 million as an American rapper.
The sum of $1.37 million is MC Lyte’s yearly compensation. She pulls in $115,000 monthly and $26,000 weekly in income. She makes almost $3,000 a day in salary. Hourly pay for Lyte is $156.
Her fortune is primarily due to her prominent position in the music business.

The Beginnings

She was born Lana Michelle Moorer on October 11, 1970, although she is better known as MC Lyte. Her family history, including her parents, is unknown. She is a product of the hip-hop and rap music scene that flourishes in her native Brooklyn.

MC Lyte Net Worth

Lana attended school in Brooklyn, albeit with little interest in her education. She made it through high school and ended up with a diploma. Her brother Mike D and her closest friend DJ Giz raised her and taught her how to rap. As a result, she is devoting herself entirely to a music career. Therefore she abandoned her high school studies.

Career in Music

Nat Robinson, the dad of the rap duo Audio Two, started the record label First Priority in 1987. A recording contract was secured for both him and Lyte when he struck a deal with Atlantic Records.

Lyte’s first-ever song, “I Cram to Understand U (Sam),” was released the same year and deals with crack addiction. It became an immediate smash in the underground and launched her career to the stars. She remixed Sinead O’Connor’s I Want Your Love soon after its debut (Hands on Me). Lyte as a Rock, her first album, came out the following year.
The album included her first single as well as subsequent singles such as  “10% Dis,” “Paper Thin,” “Lyte as a Rock,” and others.

While it did not sell very well, the album marked a landmark in hip-hop history and paved the way for future female MCs. It also solidified Lyte’s reputation as a significant player in the history of female rap.

MC Lyte Net Worth
The 1989 release of her second album, “Eyes on This,” included her breakout single, “Cha Cha Cha.” Her subsequent albums were Act As You Know (1991) and Ain’t No Other (1996). (1993). Ruffneck, the album released in 1993, was a huge smash and earned the band a gold record. This album earned Lyte a Grammy nomination. After 1996’s Bad As I Want B, she released three further albums in the 2000s: Seven & Seven (1998) Vol. 1 of Da Underground Heat (2003), and Legend (2015).

The singer has also released many singles and a handful of compilation albums. Janet Jackson, Brandy, Erika Yancey, Left Eye Lopes, Salt-N-Peppa, Yo-Yo, Mary J. Blige, and Queen Latifa are just a few of the female artists she has worked with.


One of her many achievements is collaborating with other well-known rap artists. Salt-N-Peppa, Janet Jackson, Queen Latifah,  Erica Yancey, Left Eye Lopes, Mary J, and Brandy. Blige is just a few artists collaborating with Lyte on tracks. She has numerous singles, two extended plays, and four compilation albums.
Lyte has been active in the acting world since 1991 when she made her Broadway debut in the play Club Twelve. She made her film debut in Fly by Night 2 years later. She made an appearance on New York Undercover two years later.


Lana Moorer is a successful entrepreneur. She stocks Shaitel, a Los Angeles store she runs, with trendy extras like sunglasses and belts. She also owns Sunni Gyrl Inc., a company that manages artists and provides other entertainment industry services, including production and consultancy.

Other Writings

Lyte’s skillset extends well beyond music, acting, and business; he is also an accomplished DJ and keynote speaker. In addition, she has a lengthy record of philanthropic work, including campaigns for abortion rights, gender equality, and the prevention of HIV/AIDS. Also, she established the Hip Hop Sisters Foundation, which provides financial aid to female high school seniors who want to continue their education.

Honors and Awards

Lana has been nominated for multiple awards for her outstanding contributions to the hip-hop and rap music industries. However, a Grammy nomination pales compared to her inclusion in Vh1’s annual Hip Hop Awards.


MC Lyte was born in the United States and has spent most of her professional life working in American popular culture. With her groundbreaking career, she has paved the way for other women in rap. She has a stunning mansion in New York City. She also has a gorgeous Hollywood house, of course.



Assemblage of Automobiles
MC Lyte is very passionate about her collection of exquisite automobiles. She can access stunning vehicles, including a Range Rover, Mercedes, and Audi Q7. In addition, she enjoys both taking and driving on her trips.

The Scandal Surrounding MC Lyte

This actress allegedly identified as a lesbian. Queen Latifah, Janelle Monae, Lil Mama, and Tichina Arnold were all rumored to be MC’s exes.

Family and Personal History of McLyte

In early 2016, Lyte started dating John Wyche, a Marine Corps veteran, and entrepreneur she met on They met up in person after exchanging contact details online. It was love at first sight for Lana, and the two quickly began dating. The couple announced their engagement in May 2017 and tied the knot in August of that year amid a musical ceremony in Montego Bay, Jamaica. There were just close friends and family members there.
In August 2020, she initiated divorce proceedings, unfortunately, that occurred after we had been dating for three years.


Who exactly is MC Lyte’s partner in business?

MC Lyte’s mother, Constance Moorer, and MC Lyte’s business partner, Dr. Lynn Richardson, also share their perspectives.

Is MC Lyte a homosexual man?

Throughout the years, various rumors have connected Lyte romantically to women, and many admirers have questioned her sexuality. However, she has never confirmed or denied the stories, which have subsided since marriage.

Last Lines

MC Lyte has amassed a sizable fortune thanks to her prolific work in entertainment. She has become one of the essential female MCs of all time, and her legacy lives on in the young women she has encouraged to follow their passions.


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