Men’s Guide: Caring for Your Summer Fedora Hats

Wearing a hat by itself can be a huge style statement as not everyone knows how to pull this look together without appearing too showy. And it holds even for something as casual as a straw hat, which tends to be a staple tool for fashion-forward men. Now, imagine what it will be like when someone dons a fedora straw variety. Everyone knowsyour summer fedora hats are attention magnets. So wearing them right is as critical as getting the best quality. If you don’t put it on correctly, people can stare at you for the wrong reasons. But, of course, if you are conscious, you don’t have to worry about any of these. 

Still, you need to take care of your straw fedora hat if you wish it to accompany your closet for a long time, withstanding wear and tear. Even the most expensive ones require this. Machine washing, water, and clumsy storage are not the way for them. You can look for cleaning and storing instructions for your hat on the site from where you bought it. With that, knowing a few safe and simple measures can also come in handy. So, here you go!

Easy cleaning and storage tips for straw top hats

Lightly dirty hats

When you go outdoors with a hat, it will likely collect dirt, dust, and debris just like any other thing. Since it can be a light color, you would want to use a white cloth. With darker shades like black, you can do with a darker piece of fabric. It is essential to keep these minor details in mind to avoid transferring any unwanted color to your hat. Nevertheless, striking lightly with a dry cloth can be enough for a low dirt condition. 

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If you notice some light stain, you can pick a soft, damp cloth and use a tiny amount of dish soap to get rid of it. Again, the fabric should not drip water as it involves the risk of water damage. When using a wet cloth, you can move it in a circular anti-clock motion to prevent damage to the straw weave. Once done, let the hat dry in a properly ventilated area without exposing to sunlight. It can cause the straw to become brittle. 

Stained hats

After searching for a hat at different places, such as, you buy the one that matches your personality, even if it is for your summer look. Quite possibly, you are the most committed user of this fashion accessory. But your proud possession needs some gentle caring to remain clean and hygienic. Light dirt can be easy to dust off. However, if the stain is slightly stubborn, it can ruin the beauty of your expensive summer fedora hat. You can first attempt dry cleaning your headwear with talcum powder or cornstarch in a small quantity to eliminate it. Let the matter absorb into the stain. After one or two hours, you can wipe your hat to check if it has left. 

Usually, men’s hats face staining issues due to body oils, lotion, food, and other such elements. A white damp cloth with a dash of dish soap can work on it. However, this process can be effective if the stains are still fresh. Otherwise, these can turn into permanent tarnishes. Anyway, once you complete this, you can air-dry your hat in a ventilated room without exposing it to the sun. 

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Storage techniques

Many things need protection from the sun when you store them. A straw hat is not any different despite the fact it saves you from hazardous UV rays in the open. So, when it is not in use, you would want to store it in a cool and dry area within a safe package. It can be a hatbox or a hat stand. When you put it inside a box, it should be upside down to avoid damage to its brim’s shape. Also, it will be better to stay away from using a plastic bag, which can cause discoloration to the hat. Another risk can be mildew caused by condensation common to these types of bags. 

Usually, men enjoy versatility and flexibility. That’s where straw fedoras come in, especially for the summer season. These can complement any of your outfits, whether you wear casual, semi-casual, gentlemanly, relaxed, or something else. To be precise, adding this stylish auxiliary to your wardrobe can be a blessing in disguise. Some believe that casuals and informal dresses tend to be boring. But no more! Straw fedora in cream or tan can blend in and elevate your style quickly. So, it is natural to fall for this type. Again, easy maintenance and storage can be another bonus for you.

Fedoras for men are available in distinctive materials, shapes, and sizes. Since only something lightweight and breathable during the summertime can be your preference, you don’t have to go beyond the choice of straw material. The decent height of the crown and brim width typical to fedoras makes it even more precious.


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