Moment Drink Shark Tank

Moment Drink Shark Tank


You can not survive until or unless you have the perfect pitching skills in the modern world. If you do not have these skills, you might encounter some problems. The Moment drink shark tank event is a reminder for the public that to attract the public towards a specific product. It is of the utmost importance that you have the perfect sales pitch ready.

The attraction of the public should be the prime focus while preparing the sales pitch. If you successfully prepare a sales pitch that is good enough to appeal to the general public and the entrepreneurs, then you will surely succeed in your life. Still, on the other hand, if you are not successful, then you will stand at the zero mark of the race and have to start everything all over again.

This is not a pretty thought, and a person must make sure that he does not experience anything. However, there are millions of products in the world that have the capability of bringing a revolution. But all of them have been a failure because of the failure in the marketing.

Moment Drink Shark Tank

Many people will be hearing the drink’s name for the very first time. The moment Meditation drink was presented for the first time on the Shark Tank on November 30th, 2020. Now many people are not aware of the background of the Shark Tank platform. So let us tell you that on this platform, you are allowed to bring your ideas in front of some successful entrepreneurs, and you have to present an appealing pitch for them to show interest in your services and product to make investments.

Moment Drink Shark Tank

Your business will start flying if you successfully get a deal from the sharks. Similarly, if we talk about the matter on hand, then we will come to know that two entrepreneurs:

  • Aisha Chottani
  • Faheem Kajee

appeared in front of the panel of the sharks. They came fromward with a drink of their creation and presented it in front of the sharks. Unfortunately, the sharks did not accept the idea, and they had to leave the platform without any deal.

There were no doubts regarding the product, and everyone thought that the product was amazing, but still, all of them rejected the proposal because of the pathetic pitch. This is why it is of the utmost importance to know more about the drink and what happened on the platform. We are acquainted with the news regarding the platform to get updates.

The Details Of The Deal

We are already aware of the names of the entrepreneurs coming forward with the idea of this drink. Thus, if we take a look, we will come to know that they put forward a deal of 10% equity in return for asking for $200000. The business would revolve around the meditation Drink. Aisha and Faheem made the panel fall in love with the product. But they failed to attract any shark towards their side. So, as a result, they had to walk out of the door with a no-deal stamp.

If you want to know more details regarding the event, then let us tell you that it all happened in the 12th season of the Shark Tank series. The number of episode was 6th. If you want to know more about the product, let us tell you that the idea revolves around a drink that offers on-the-go meditation. If we talk about the effects, then we will come to know that the design of the Moment drink offers the drinkers an experience of the meditation sensation.

The Details Of The Deal

Also, the product’s ingredients help us understand that there are no artificial ingredients in the product, and it is an all-natural drink. The absence of sugar and artificial sweeteners makes it a product best for people of every taste.

Talking The Facts

If we talk about the facts, we must understand that the moment drink was not an unlaunched product waiting for investments. At the time of the introduction of Moment drink in the Shark Tank, the product was already on the market. It had been launched for almost one and a half months.

The preparation of each bottle of the Moment Drink takes almost $0.90 in terms of expenses, whereas if we talk about the retail price, it stands at the mark of $1.69, including the shipping charges. Thus, by the time the drink appeared on the show, it had already managed to make a profit of $15000 in terms of product sales. The manufacturers wanted to ensure that the sharks might offer them $200000 in return for 10% equity.

Everything went well on the show, and the sharks seemed to love the product. But everything took a turn once they mentioned that they had introduced the phenomenon of the customer acquisition cost of the worth of $20. Kevin on the panel tried to make them rethink because such models have never proved to be successful when it comes to the beverage industry. All the sharks on the panel agreed with this fact.

Moment Drink After Shark Tank

The public would like to know what happened to the Moment drink when it left the show. So, let us tell you that there is no particular update regarding the Moment drink after the Shark Tank event. If we go through their online portfolio and the personal website, we will know that the subscription service is still in play. Thus, as a result of this, they offer a monthly or biweekly refilling plan for the subscribers.

We are looking forward to the success of this idea.

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Moment drink shark tank event will help you understand the importance of the sales pitch and how a sales deal can be destroyed with a botched-up pitch. It will also make you believe that you should stay true to your out-of-the-box ideas whether the world stands with them or not. Because if you are standing firm on the ground, you will surely witness success one day.

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