Monitor Your Health with the Pulse Oximeter Technology

Monitor Health Pulse Oximeter

Health is a primary factor for all humans. The ability to engage in any other endeavor is greatly hinged on this. For this reason, it is often said that health is wealth. Here is how to Monitor Your Health with the Pulse Oximeter Technology.

This is reflected in the fact that even with technological developments and innovations, health has been given priority. Inventors keep developing means of checking up and even improving people’s health status.

One such technological invention is the pulse oximeter.

What Is The Pulse Oximeter?

It a non-invasive instrument that is able to measure the oxygen content in the blood. It is non-invasive in the sense that it is not inserted into the body rather, it is attached to the body to perform its functions. You can read more on it here.

What Are Its Uses?

It has various functions and uses which are very vital in medical and health services. Some of these functions are

  1. To Assess a New Lung Medication: Doctors in their attempts at treating a lung condition in a patient may recommend a new or a change of drugs to the patient. When this is done, it is important that they (the doctor or medical team that made the recommendation) be able to monitor the effectiveness or not of the new drug.
  2. To Evaluate the Need for breathing Aid: A patient may sometimes appear to have some sort of difficulty breathing due to the health condition the patient is in. However, in order to have clarity on whether to proceed with a breathing aid, a pulse oximeter will be needed to make this evaluation.
  3. To Check How Useful A Ventilator Is: It also comes in handy, when a ventilator is being used by a patient, and its efficiency or usefulness for the patient is to be evaluated. This is necessary because, it determines whether the patient will have to continue with the ventilator or not. This is also the case with supplemental oxygen therapy. It can be used in determining the effectiveness of the supplemental oxygen therapy being given to a patient. (
  4. To Assess A Person’s Ability: A recovering patient is usually not fit enough to start engaging in physical activities. Such a person has to be gently eased into such activities. The pulse oximeter is used in order to determine the activities that the person can start being involved in.

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Furthermore, the pulse oximeter can also be used by independent individuals who are not medical personnel or health service experts. Individuals can buy it and learn it’s functions and how it is to be operated for personal or family use.

It has to be noted, that it is highly recommended for certain individuals with certain conditions or who have family members with certain conditions. This is so that, on their own, they can use it to:

  • To check the rate at which their heart or that of their family member or loved one is pumping blood to the body.
  • To determine how well the individual’s heart is functioning.
  • It is also used to check up on people with health conditions that affect their oxygen and blood levels.
  • It is generally recommended for anyone with any form of challenge that has to do with the heart

How does The Pulse Oximeter work?

How does The Pulse Oximeter work

As earlier stated, it is mostly used by hospital personnel in attending to patients in their care but can also be used by individuals to run checkups on themselves and on their loved ones. All medical personnel definitely know how to use this technology. However, for ordinary individuals, the following tips are important to note. They are:

  • It is a non-invasive test therefore, there is no incision to be made or even a pricking of any kind.
  • It is to be clipped on either a person’s toe, ear lobe or finger
  • There is a probe in the instrument to be turned on to get the reading on the pulse and on the blood saturation
  • Upon the completion of the reading, the probe is to be removed and immediately, the system will shut down.

One important thing to note is the importance of buying good quality oximeters for perfect readings. When you get a product like the Masimo Mighty Sat Pulse oximeter, you are better assured of getting good value.

It is equally important that you seek your doctor’s guidance or advice.


It is important that people be able to monitor and check on their health conditions from time to time. This makes the individual to be better prepared to take care of their health and those of their loved ones.

The pulse oximeter is that technological instrument that helps you to do this.

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