Mykayla Skinner wedding

Mykayla Skinner wedding


Mykayla Skinner is one of the most famous artistic gymnasts of the world, with admirers spread all over the globe. Her career is extended to a period of more than 9 years. Mykayla Skinner wedding became a trend on the internet. She has been performing artistic gymnastics since 2011. She has competed in the 2016 Olympics and was decided to be a part of the Tokyo Olympics too. The talent she had was extraordinary, and no one could even touch the heights of her success. Her talent on vault and floor is truly amazing and artistic, and once you have witnessed her perform, then you will always want to watch her perform her best. Mykayla Skinner is a resident of the USA and is representing the USA on different platforms. Also, these are not just representations because she has also collected several honors in the name of the country.
Mykayla Skinner wedding
The support from the people you are related to plays a vital role in the success of a person. If the people near you are supporting you on every step, then one day or the other, you will surely witness the heights of success. But if you do not have anyone supporting you from the ones closest to you, then the way to success seems to be extremely long and tiresome. Attaining that particular success might not feel very enjoyable. Friends and family are the people you always look up to in terms of support. Mykayla also received huge support from her friends and family. But among these supports, you can count the name Jonas Harmer. He is the person who has been beside her in every up and down of her career. Plus, he is also the husband of our beautiful and stunning gymnast.

Mykayla and Harmer

Skinner and Harmer have been in a relationship for a very long. It is not the length of a relation that defines it. In fact, it is the quality of that relationship. Also, the understanding, affection, and love between two people bound in a relationship play a vital role in determining the strength of their relationship. If all of the above-mentioned factors are present, then the relation is considered to be strong. But on the other hand, if any single one is missing, then the relationship will be weakened. But this is not the case with our star couple. They have all the qualities that you expect from a couple in a relationship. Harmer has always been a big supporter of Skinner. This is one of the biggest factors that brought them closer to each other.

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They have been using social media to share their love story and let others know about their relationship. Although how they came across each other is not a story that has been told to the public, and how they started dating is not known at all. But if we closely examine the social media handles of the famous star, then we come to know that it was in November 2017 when she finally met the love of her life and established a relationship.

The perfect proposal

With their relationship reaching the timeline of two years, Harmer took a beautiful ring and proposed the lovely Mykayla Skinner on oct6ober 16, 2019. This can be recorded as one of the perfect proposals. Because Harmer arranged and decorated a rooftop in Salt Lake City to propose the love of his life. With a blanket of red rose petals and a decorated message on the board, this was the best proposal. Also, a confirmational announcement was brought to light by the couple two days after the proposal. They announced that they would hold the wedding in the next month the November of 2019. Mykayla Skinner wedding pictures are getting famous these days.

The wedding ceremony

All the arrangements for the wedding were made at the Gilbert, Arizona temple. Our lovely star looked elegant in her white wedding dress. Harmer, on the other hand, had a maroon tuxedo that made him handsome than ever. The couple looked perfect together both being the king and queen of the beauty made their vows. The ceremony took place on the 14th of November 2019. The star has been using social media handles to share her experience of the wedding with her admirers and followers. She has depicted her life as a dream. She also told the followers that she was looking forward to spending the rest of the years with her beloved husband.

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The couple does not have any child yet, but they do love cats and take care just like their own child. Even the cat has its own social media account, which is truly amazing. The couple is always in the sight of the fans because they constantly share their life with the public and want everyone to know how happy they feel among each other. Their timeline on Instagram is evidence of the fact that they do not feel shy in sharing and documenting their relationship.

Career life

Mykayla has a YouTube channel where she uploads the videos regarding her training sessions and shares them with her fans. Plus, being a wonderful gymnast, she has announced that she will retire from the gymnastic world after the Olympics of 2020. Her husband, on the other hand, has the post of sales manager in a firm named Vivint smart. Also, he is engaged in cryptocurrency day trading. Both of them have flourishing careers and the fans wish them all the best for their future.


Since the famous star has announced her retirement, therefore, we will not be able to see her in the future, and her time on the stage has been limited. But we wish her and her husband all the best for their future and want their relationship and married life to be successful than ever. This was all about Mykayla Skinner wedding.

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