Natasha Crown – the Instagram Model With the Biggest Bums

Natasha Crown

Millennials are accepting plastic surgery to meet their unrealistic body goals even if that risks their lives. Someone like Amanda Ahola achieved to have the biggest boobs, while Pixee Fox got herself the tinniest waist. Here, we have another Instagram model named Natasha Crown who has achieved the biggest buttocks by Brazilian butt lifts. Find out all you want to know about her.

Who is Natasha Crown?

Natasha Crown is a Swedish model who got herself the largest buttocks by having surgery. She is only 24 years old and has traveled all across the globe to get the best surgical procedures.

Natasha is from Gothenburg and the young woman always had a fetish for large buttocks. Achieving the biggest-bum look became her passion ever since and today she is the holder of the title – the woman with the largest backside.

Natasha says that she is healthy and has a trainer to keep herself ‘fit’ and maintain her large buttocks. Although her family members have shown a lot of concern, she feels that her body is at its best.

Natasha Crown surgery

As per interviews, Natasha wakes up every morning and looks at the mirror to see her buttocks. She also said that she might have a distorted perception about how her buttocks should look and it might not seem great to everyone. But she would still aim to make it larger than what it is currently.

Since the age of 20, the model did everything she could to achieve her body goals. Her diet included pizzas and pasta of six kilos, which is equal to around 15 glasses of Nutella.

The model went through her first surgery when she was 20 years old. She needed the fat that could be moved down to her buttocks to make them larger. In one of the cases she took a 25 kg on up with a risky process of Brazilian Numseloft. The surgery was, however, successful and helped her achieve the buttocks she has today.

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Last Christmas, she said in an interview that she always wanted the biggest ass. Till now, she has gone through three surgeries to make her butt look bigger every time. She is planning to go in for a fourth-round and might take in 19 kg on first.

On an in an interview with E! Botched, Natasha admitted to added 1,500 CC of fat in each buttock. But the standard level allowed in the US in 600 CC because of the complications that come along after that. The model also agreed to have gone through breast surgery and she wanted to get her nipples downwards, but wasn’t allowed.

Natasha Crown Instagram

Natasha has more than 568k followers on Instagram right now and is quite a sensation among booty lovers. She keeps posting pictures and videos of her assets and have thousands of people liking them.

The model keeps wear lusty clothes that flaunts her boobs and asses and makes her look more desirable to her Instagram fans. She is not ashamed to go almost nude and post sexy images of her body.

Natasha Crown interview

In an interview with The Morning in September 2018, the model gave insights into how she achieved the biggest buttocks in the world. She said that at first, she started exercising to achieve big buttocks but that stopped working after a point in time. She then said that surgery is the best way to achieve the kind of look someone wants and that’s why it was the next step she took.

The interviewers asked her why she wanted to achieve that look, and to that she laughed and took a pause. She then said that she never thought that she’d have the biggest bums. But once she got the first surgery done, people told her that she could enlarge it and have the biggest one. That kind of boosted her to achieve such a goal and now she does have the largest bums by surgery.

The interviewer then asked her about the risk factor and why she went through the Brazilian butt lift when it is the most dangerous. She said that she doesn’t feel it is dangerous because the surgery process was done by using her own body fat.

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When the interviewer further pointed out that a British woman had recently died after a butt lift, she said it could be her ‘bad luck’. She also thinks that such cases happen one in a million but not to most.

The model stumbled a little when the interviewer stated facts that this kind of surgery is the most dangerous of all other cosmetic procedures. He further asked if he wasn’t aware of the risks while having the three butt surgeries she had. To that the model replied that she is well aware but still wanted to risk her life to do what she did.

Surgery goals by Natasha

Natasha said that she is soon going to go in for another surgery and take her butt from 83 inches to 90 inches. The interviewer blatantly asked her, “what do you want to do with it?” To which she promptly replied, “shake, twerk, dance”, and laughed it off.

A much safer option of having a butt surgery is buttock augmentation by Bioplasty, which keeps away the risks of a Brazilian butt lift. If more women shift to that, it can save lives and also serve the purpose.

Final thoughts

The model is a pretty happy go lucky person who is happy with the decisions she has made. She also admitted to having regrets like not being able to run because her buttocks are huge and also that she cannot sleep on her back. But other than these things, she is pretty happy with the kind of body goals she has met.

It is very important for all of us to love ourselves and also accept the way we want to make ourselves look. If coloring your rainbow makes you happy do that. Of course, extreme surgeries are threat to one’s life. But when you don’t have any regrets, these hardly matter.

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