Office Deep Cleanings – How Important Are They?


In current times, with all the emphasis on sanitization, thorough cleansing and hygiene, it is important that we make sure our businesses, as well as our homes, are up to the high standards that we need to be safe and healthy. Your office may well look clean and tidy on the surface, but is it really clean? Or are there microbes hiding where you can’t see?

Some people are under the misconception that if your office has a regular cleaning schedule, it doesn’t need deep cleaning. However, this is not the case, just as your homes need a clear-out and spring clean occasionally, your office needs a deep clean to get everything really clean and sanitized. Having an office deep clean is essential, due to the fact it is a shared space and dirt and bacteria are walked in with each person. Also, bacteria and viruses are spread around from person to person and obviously taken home with you at the end of the day.


All common areas need to be deep cleaned, including kitchens. A deep clean will include all the surfaces being cleaned and disinfected, including windows, blinds, frames and light fittings. Special attention needs to be paid to areas that are touched frequently, like keyboards, phones, handles and taps and need to be thoroughly disinfected. Once all the furniture and surfaces have been cleaned and sanitized the next big job is the floor. Carpets are hives of infection with ground-in dirt, accumulated debris and bacteria and viruses. Your carpet needs to be cleaned with an industrial carpet cleaner that also uses steam in order to sanitize the carpet fibers.


How often should your office be deep cleaned? This depends upon different factors. Primarily the number of employees that are in the office and how many visitors there are. The more people, the more dirt and microorganisms will accumulate on the carpet and other places like handles and desks. Many offices may perform deep cleans bi-annually or every 4 months. Businesses with large offices and a lot of foot traffic have deep cleans as often as monthly. Whereas small offices with minimal foot traffic may have deep cleans once a year.

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