OgyMogy Spying Features List for Android Mobile Phones


Technology has come up with numerous kinds of inventions and it’s been intended for serving mankind to the fullest. The cell phone is one of the biggest inventions that we have ever come across with over the last two decades and with the passage of the time it’s been upgraded and it has now known as digital cell phones that can be connected with the internet. Android mobile phones are the most popular cell phone devices to date and almost 85% of the people own these devices for regular use of their lives. (viagrageneric.org)

Moreover, android mobile phone and gadgets are being used for business organizations to deal with the clients and listen to their quires. In a nutshell, contemporary smartphones running with the Android operating system have become the necessary need of our lives but at the same time, it has got some serious issues.

So, people, these days are looking forward to a kind of spying software for android to track each and every single activity executed on it. Therefore, experts do believe that OgyMogy cell phone spy app for android would be the ultimate choice. So, you need to get your hands on it first, and then complete installation and you will be able to have spying features list for Android smartphones.

Step1: Go to the web on your cell phone or computer

Yeah, it is a headache to find out best android surveillance software on the web, but you don’t need to do it. Just go straight to the Android mobile phone spy app

Step2: Subscribe to the OgyMogy android monitoring app

Now no more searches simply subscribe for an app to monitor android cell phone and then you will receive an email with the login passcode and ID.

Step3: Get your target android phone in your hands

Furthermore, you need to get the target android device in your hands and once you have whatsoever then get started with the installation procedure. Once you have followed the process of installation successfully then you need to end up with the activation. Moreover, during this process, you will have a sudden encounter with the pop –up on the screen. You need to read the screen message instructions and you can hide the installation of the cell phone surveillance app on the target device.

Step4: Login to the OgyMogy web portal

Now you can use passcode and ID and get access to the electronic web portal of android spy app. Once you have access to the dashboard. It means you are free to go what you are looking for at the moment.

Step5: Visit spying feature list for android mobile phones

Visit the special monitoring features list for android mobile phones into the OgyMogy online control panel. Let’s discuss the complete list of cell phone spying features for Android in the following.

 Call History tracker

An end user can record and listen to all android phone calls no matter incoming or outgoing with secret call recording app for android. In addition, you can save the data of the recorded phone calls over the dashboard.

Read text messages

You can read the messages remotely on the target cell phone and further you can also monitor SMS, MMS and heads up notifications.

Social Media messenger spy software

No matter what kind of social media apps are being used on the target android device, you can get the logs of all the activities of the instant messaging apps using social media monitoring app. You can get the logs off in the shape of text messages, text conversations, audio-video call logs, photos, videos, and messenger’s Voice calls likewise WhatsApp, Facebook, and others.

GPS location tracker

You can monitor the target android device location with complete accuracy and with efficiency with the use of android location tracker. Moreover, you can get to know about location history to make safe and restricted areas over the MAP.

Screen recorder

You can monitor the screen of the target android device and further can make short videos of the screen. It means you can record the screen when the user is using Chrome, YouTube, emails, SMS, and passwords.

Android remote control

The user can remotely control android to view installed applications, block messages, block phone calls, and internet remotely.


The user can install OgyMOgy cell phone monitoring software and further get access to its dashboard and get a hand on android monitoring features list.

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