Online marketing tips that can help you in 2021

Online marketing tips that help

We will talk about the important tips that you should use in daily tasks. If you want to learn about the online marketing tips that can actually help in 2021, then you’ve come to the right place.

A / B Test your shopping journey

AB testing is a scientific method for comparing two versions of a web page – A and B – and identifying which one converts the best. The  A version is the current version of the page (version control), while  Version B  is the modified page (the page processing). The performance of these two pages can be easily compared if tested simultaneously. Changing the version I use should be based on a  hypothesis. This is about how visitors use your site. It can be related to the design, structure, or content of your site. By comparing the two versions (treatment and control), you can confirm or deny your  Hypothesis. Running lots of  AB tests is the best way to really understand how a page design affects its performance. Let’s take an example – the music industry. If you are in the music industry, then you should definitely start A/B testing. Buy soundcloud plays and start testing the organic reach. If you get good organic reach, then start testing Spotify in the same exact way. 

Optimize your site for mobiles

At a time when more than 60% of internet searches are carried out on mobile, it is essential for a business to optimize its site for mobile. A mobile-optimized site does not have the same requirements as a website intended for desktop use. Your website design is complete but you doubt its adaptability? Go to your website with your phone and observe. Is the navigation pleasant? Are the links working correctly? Is essential information communicated clearly? If not, mobile optimization of your site should become your priority.

Optimizing a website for mobile consists of adapting its structure, content, design, and technical performance to offer an optimal user experience to mobile users. A site optimized for mobile adapts to the different screen sizes of phones in order to allow all mobile users to have smooth and efficient navigation regardless of their device.

Think about mobile advertising

The smartphone is the remote control of our digital daily life. All the efforts of advertisers are converging on mobile terminals because they are the key to phygital commerce and the royal road to reach consumers.

Saying it is one thing, finding effective and pragmatic solutions to get there is another. It is important to point out that if the smartphone is so coveted by brands and distributors, it is because it bridges the gap between traditional commerce and e-commerce. For players in online commerce, the smartphone represents a huge margin of improvement (1/3 of sales are made on mobile terminals, up 22%) and access to offline sales. For traditional distributors, the stakes are also huge, as they desperately seek to counter Amazon’s advance.

Hire someone to create important content

Writing an article of 3000 to 4000 words represents a lot of work: researching, selecting, and analyzing information, writing original content, illustrating the article then putting it online. Yet writing long and detailed content has many advantages that make your investment profitable. Here are the reasons.

It takes about 8 minutes for a person to read a 1,800-word article. Long, detailed content can increase the average time spent on your site. However, this time devoted to consulting your website is an important parameter. On the one hand, the visitor takes the time to get to know you. If your content is of interest to them, chances are good that they will engage in reading other articles on your site and identify your pages as a relevant source of information, that they will come to consult occasionally, even regularly. On the other hand, by spending more time reading your content, the visitor increases your quality and relevance score in search engines. You, therefore, gain visibility.


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