Paige Desorbo Net Worth

Paige Desorbo Net Worth

As a reality TV star and style icon on the rise, Paige Desorbo is a significant name in show business. Paige’s charisma and humor have helped her amass a large following on social media sites like Instagram, where she regularly updates her followers on her latest looks and habits. Many of her fans are interested in how much money Paige Desorbo has, so we’ll talk about her background, career, and estimated net worth in this article.

Paige Desorbo net worth

According to estimates, Paige DeSorbo is a TV personality and passionate fashionista who has amassed a net worth of over $5 million.
In addition to providing for her material needs, Paige’s passion for fashion is on full display throughout the presentation. She is a presenter on Amazon Live and a fashion journalist. Her annual salary is estimated by IB Times to be over $100,000. If the rumor regarding her income from Summer House is accurate ($20,000 for each episode), then her annual salary is well over $200,000.

Early Years

In the United States of America, Paige DeSorbo was born on November 6, 1992, in Loudonville. Paige followed her lifelong passion for writing and reporting by changing to journalism.
Paige received her early schooling at the Academy of the Holy Names before transferring to The College of Saint Rose to pursue a degree in broadcast journalism. Her four years of college education culminated in 2015.

Paige Desorbo Net Worth
Her parents, Gary and Kimberly DeSorbo gave birth to her. She came from a loving, accepting home and had a special bond with her dad. She had a sibling growing up. After finishing college, she changed careers and became a model.

A career in the Professions

Her LinkedIn page states that she started in the media industry in 2012 as a co-host and blogger for the TTYL Talk Show, which aired on local cable. She oversaw the company’s Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts and wrote the accompanying blogs. She also had a short stint as a Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center social media intern. In addition, from January through March of 2016, Paige served as a fashion intern at Bollare. Finally, she worked at Arfpro Studios as a TV presenter and production assistant for nearly two years.
ABC hired Paige as an executive assistant to the vice president of unscripted programming in May 2016.
Their tenure at the channel exceeds five years. She also contributes to the fashion blog and media outlet Betches Media. March of this year marked her first day on the job at Betches Media.

Podcast Hosted by Paige DeSorbo

DeSorbo and her co-star from Summer House, Hannah Berner, have a new podcast called The Giggly Squad. About once a week, the pair releases a podcast discussing topics as diverse as dating, Bravo, and mental health.

DeSorbo’s podcast isn’t his primary source of income, but it can be lucrative with the right sponsors. Forbes reports that in 2019, podcasts will generate $700 million in advertising revenue.

Blogger Paige DeSorbo

While DeSorbo isn’t busy shooting Summer House, she writes a fashion and beauty blog under Paige DeSorbo. DeSorbo would sometimes post pictures of her ensembles on Instagram for her followers to see. Recently, DeSorbo told her audience about some of her favorite Black-owned fashion companies.

DeSorbo also presents a series called “Front Paige News” on her Instagram page, discussing recent pop culture events.

Paige DeSorbo has previous experience working in the media.

DeSorbo has extensive expertise in broadcast journalism because of his collegiate background. Her LinkedIn profile says she has worked as an executive assistant for ABC’s vice president of unscripted television and is now a fashion writer for Betches Media. Indeed claims that the median annual income of a journalist is $35,506.

Paige Desorbo Net Worth

DeSorbo told Authority Magazine in June 2019 that she pursued broadcast journalism since she always liked acting and modeling as a child. DeSorbo told Authority Magazine, “I opted to study broadcast journalism in college because I still liked the camera.” I’ve discovered I actually like the latest in the world of entertainment. I worked at ABC News in New York City after finishing college. While working full-time at ABC, I contributed fashion pieces to Betches Media.

The Television Career of Paige DeSorbo

The appearances she made on television propelled this gifted woman to stardom. She first appeared on television as a beauty influencer in 2019 when she hosted Beauty Trends Live. Afterward, Bravo cast Paige as a star in their new reality show Summer Home.
Several well-known actors have shared the screen with her. In addition, DeSorbo has been on a wide variety of television programs, including Winter House, Access Hollywood, and many more. In addition, she portrayed Tracy in the TV series Spare Me.

‘Bridgerton’ controversy

In addition to her role on the program, Paige is well-known for her role as a gossip expert on the previous podcast. Her admirers eagerly anticipate it. A light-hearted remark about ‘Bridgerton’ actor Rege-Jean Page’s “light-skinned” appearance and how it would help him obtain a James Bond part was a prime example of her getting carried away. Her statement was being misconstrued and taken out of context, so she subsequently went on live to apologize for it.

Private Life

Paige DeSorbo has been dating Craig Conover since December 2021, as she confirmed. He’s a well-known face on television. Her Instagram picture of them and the caption “Sew in Love” served as her announcement.
Paige had a long-term relationship with Perry Dahbar before she started dating Craig. Carl Radke is another guy she dated. However, she has found love with Craig Conover, with whom she is now involved.


Did Paige DeSorbo win Homecoming Queen?

See the video for Episode 13 of Season 6 of Summer House, in which Paige DeSorbo claims she was crowned prom queen at a school she never attended.

Could Paige DeSorbo have modeled for Limited Too?

I forced Amanda to photoshop Paige and myself into a picture together so that I could establish that Paige had been in a clique previously and that I had the most excellent accessories.

Who makes Paige DeSorbo’s makeup?

My go-to foundation is Armani’s Luminous Silk, but I also like to mix things up with an SPF 40 skin tint from Ilia. I love Kelli [Anne], my makeup artist entirely. I owe my newfound love of Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation to her.


Paige Desorbo is a rising star in the entertainment sector and has achieved tremendous success in a short time. Her wealth is in the millions because of her successful TV career and several sponsorship deals. It’s realistic to assume that Paige’s wealth will continue to grow as she works to broaden her brand and pursues new chances. As she expands her business and becomes a significant player in the entertainment sector, we may anticipate seeing more of her in the future.


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